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Steve and Joy's 25th Anniversary

To celebrate 25 years of marriage, Steve and Joy are asking for donations to children in Stand by Me's care instead of gifts

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We really appreciate your generosity, but after 25 years together we really have everything we need and the pleasure of your company at our party is more than enough. In lieu of gifts you are welcome to donate to Stand by Me - a children's charity based in Hornchurch that has rescued over 10,000 children in 11 countries. We have supported Stand by Me as a  family in a number of ways over many years. 

Your donations will be used to provide lunch for children at the Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. The Abdi Academy meets the individual needs of over 300 children, providing education, family support, medical care and nutritious meals. It costs £7 to provide a child at the school with a nutritious lunch for a month. Regular food ensures children are healthy, strong and have enough energy to concentrate on their lessons and benefit from a great education. 

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