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A stable, loving and safe environment is essential to every child's wellbeing and development. But around the world there are many children lacking the security of a family and who, through no fault of their own, find themselves all alone, without anyone to care for them. 

Naomi was a very special surprise. At just nine days old she was left outside our Sophia Home in Myanmar. We knew that we had been entrusted with this precious gift of a lovely baby girl and gladly accepted her into our home, into our family and named her Naomi. 

At our home she has been learning and growing, and she has done it all with the encouragement of her adoring brothers and sisters. From abandoned to accepted, from being alone in the world to having a family who treasure her and give her all the attention she could ever need, Naomi's life is now full of love. 

Today, Naomi's eyes sparkle with life as she dances, plays and giggles with her siblings. Her beautiful smiles tells nothing of the difficulty that lead to her becoming part of our family but shows the vast opportunity ahead of her and the joy and love that every child should experience

Sponsor a child like Naomi for £20 each month to help us give them the loving family that every child deserves.

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God bless these children
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Many thanks to Marie for directing us to the charity. The work that you all do is wonderful, my husband and me will pray for you all. God bless you
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