Church Shoe Appeal

Together we can provide shoes for children in need of protection and joy this Christmas

$0 raised of $1,000 target

This Christmas we are partnering with Stand by Me to give needy children the gift of a pair of shoes, putting a smile on their face and showing them God's love.

It’s been a difficult year, and for the children in the care of Stand by Me and their families who had very little to begin with, this year has hit them harder than most. Not only have they been worried for their health, but they have been worried that they would not be able to put food on the table.

For families who can’t even afford basic food, protecting their kids’ feet with a new pair of shoes is beyond their reach.  

Each year Stand by Me dreams of giving every child in their care a gift of a new pair of shoes. Children around the world are not be able to afford a new pair of shoes and the many health benefits a pair of protective and comfortable shoes will provide.

A pair of shoes will offer more than protection for their feet, but will show them they are loved by God, cared for and not forgotten. As the children head back to school, help them do so with a brand new pair of shoes, feeling proud and protected.

Stand by... almost there...