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I am sleeping on the floor for a week to lift a child off the ground and into their first bed

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This February, I am spending a week sleeping on the floor to raise money to buy a bed for a family in Ethiopia. There are families who spend every night sleeping on the cold, hard floor so I'm taking on the "February on the floor" challenge so that they no longer have to and instead can sleep in a comfortable bed. 

I am looking forward to the challenge of sleeping on the floor (20th to 27th February), as I am passionate about supporting the work of Stand by Me. As a family, we love the children that we sponsor and it is always a joy to receive news of their progress.

In the past I have slept on the floor in Africa, so I appreciate that it is uncomfortable and often the temperatures drop dramatically at night, so therefore can be quite cold. Having also been in many homes in Africa, I have seen the conditions that many children are enduring. It will be a real privilege, to experience a week of a little discomfort, to raise money to provide the first bed for more children. My target is to raise at least £3000 – which will be sufficient to purchase more than 20 beds, including the bedding. If I could raise more funds, all the better!!

I would greatly value your support!

Thank you in advance.

David Raggett

Stand by Me rescues kids from extreme circumstances, then does whatever it takes to provide the care, love and attention they need to thrive. We care for almost 4,000 kids across the world, from Myanmar to Colombia to Ethiopia. No two are the same, some are orphaned, some abandoned, some abused or living in extreme poverty, so we take care to understand and meet each of their individual needs from food and healthcare, to loving parents and quality education. We're in this for the long term, until they reach their potential, stand on their own two feet and become who they were created to be.

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Well done Dave!!!
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Well done, David!
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Well done David let me know if your back starts hurting when you go return to your bed
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Project Updates

22 February 2021
Just a brief update:
I started my week of sleeping on the floor last Friday  - a day early! I was so eager to 'make a difference' to a few children and families there in Ethiopia! The first night I had a few aches and pains,  but nights 2 and 3, I 'slept like a log!'

I really appreciate all the support so far! I have reset my target to providing sufficient funds for 25 beds/bedding. It is such a privilege to be involved in this great cause. 

God bless 
David Raggett 
Stand by... almost there...