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Fill the container - Story Corner

Help us introduce a story corner in each of our Kindergarten classes in Ethiopia.

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Books have a tremendous influence on many areas of learning. They can introduce themes of friendship, diversity, and overcoming challenge, thus helping to develop character. They can expand children’s knowledge of the world, other people, cultures and traditions, or they can introduce imaginary themes. It is said that the best way to strengthen children’s intelligence is to read them fairy tales.

We want to provide our children with a selection of fiction and non-fiction books as well as cushions and book shelves. 

Developing literacy - listen attentively, anticipate events, and respond to what they hear with comments, questions or actions

Taking care of myself - discuss emotions and build empathy through stories

My environment - discuss similarities and differences between children, their families, communities, and traditions

Relating with others - enjoying feeling part of a group during whole class story-time

Developing numeracy - counting and matching objects by shape and size in books e.g. the three bears

Please scroll through the images at the top of the page to see the different items we are seeking to purchase to support the kindergarten classes of our two projects in Ethiopia. If you would like to purchase or donate towards an item please see the buttons on the right hand side. 

We look forward to sharing the images with you of the children utilising their new story corner.

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