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Jan's fundraising for winter fuel

Jan is fundraising to provide winter fuel for families living in poverty in Moldova

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Jan’s Christmas Fundraising for Winter Fuel for Poor Families in Moldova

I have been supporting the work of a care centre in Moldova in a town called Borceag where many families live in impoverished conditions. My husband Stephen has visited Moldova over many years. He has been involved in staff and volunteer training because of his background in social work and has seen first-hand the difference the gift of winter fuel can make to a family‘s life. 

This Christmas I would like to help some of the poorest families with the gift of winter fuel to help them through the freezing conditions this winter. Many of the families live in very basic homes without heating or electricity. The fuel will keep the whole family warm and relieve the financial dilemma of having to choose between food and heating. 

One of the staff in Moldova who works with the families shared with us how the wood will help the families:

“In Moldova winter time we have from -5 to -25 degrees and for the people from the villages firewood is the only way to heat their houses. But the wood is very expensive and not each family can buy. Usually the poor families try to collect wood in the forest but it is not so legal this way. Some families, especially the elderly, cannot collect wood and the winter time for them is big challenge. This why we are very thankful for you helping them.”

Stand by Me supports the Borceag Care Centre in Moldova that provides care to the poorest children in the community. The children come from socially vulnerable families and they regularly come to the care centre to receive lunch and take part in lessons, games, homework and crafts. The centre also provides support to the families and vulnerable members of the community. 

The names of those who have kindly donated will be entered into a free prize draw to win the beautiful Christmas Quilt in photo 3. We will only be able to enter people into the draw who leave their name as part of their donation on the fundraising page due to data protection reasons. If you do not wish to be entered into the draw, which will take place on the 22nd December 2019, please tell us in the comments or in person. 

Your kindness is greatly appreciated and will assure families of your love and care throughout the cold winter.

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