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John & Pam

Helping children rise above their circumstances and reach their full potential

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We have supported Stand by Me for over 20 years. In that time it has been a privilege for us to help children around the world who live in adversity and we’ve been able to see the impact of our charitable giving from building schools and responding to natural disasters to providing clothes and toys.

The aim of Stand by Me is to reach out to the very poorest areas of the world to feed, medically care for and educate children from terrible backgrounds. Funded mostly by individual donations and child sponsorships, it is amazing that this once tiny operation has now rescued over 10,000 children across 7 countries. They are doing such a wonderful job and the children they are caring for are really thriving but this has led to new funding requirements as the children are growing older.

Through Stand by Me providing access to an excellent primary education and building and running many schools, more and more of these once disadvantaged children are now passing their exams and are able to progress to secondary school, technical college and university. As an example, in Ethiopia, one of the world’s most deprived countries, Stand by Me has 157 children capable of moving on to further education this year at an annual expense of £21,000.

We are personally looking to help Stand by Me meet this need to enable these children to continue in their education and reach their full potential, while the charity looks for longer term funding solutions to cope with the demand. If you would consider joining us, any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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