Stand By Me
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My lockdown locks!

I'm cutting off my long hair to raise money for vital food parcels for children overseas and donating my locks to children that need wigs

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Update: I've had the chop! Please scroll through the photos at the top to see. I would be so grateful for any contribution you can make and with your help we will bring security and hope to families when they need it the most.

Thank you

I was reflecting on lockdown and what has changed in life and what truly matters, especially as I had a lockdown 50th !

I have thought about the bits of lockdown I am going to let go of, the ones I am going to embrace.

My hair is long, but since lockdown it really has grown, including my greys! I decided they could stay! This got me thinking…why not donate my hair to children who need wigs and, at the same time raise some money for STAND BY ME! A charity close to my heart. 

As a life coach I have some interesting clients-a top Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist, Lisa Laudat, and a Personal Shopper, Carlene Noel. They both agreed to help me with my fundraising challenge and look fabulous at 50!, so at the end of April I will be chopping my locks off and sporting a new style!  

I currently sponsor a child with Stand by Me and have been really touched by how they are helping to change rescued children's lives across the world through daily food, healthcare and a life changing education. Due to the pandemic their children aren't able to attend school everyday and when they don't come to school many of them will not have food to eat. To ensure they do not go hungry Stand by Me are providing life-saving monthly food parcels for them and their families at a cost of £40 to keep them nourished and healthy. (You can see pictures of the food parcels and examples of the families by scrolling where my picture is).

I would be so grateful for any contribution you can make and with your help we will bring security and hope to families when they need it the most.

I will be sure to post a picture on here without my long hair once I've had the chop!  

Thank you so much.


Recent supporters

P V Spence gave £20
Ai Doan gave £43
With a big heart ❤️ thanks Saira
Alexander gave £20
An anonymous donor gave £15
Well done Saira! - L
Linda Brown gave £20
So pleased to be able to donate to your amazing fund raising idea of recording the cutting of your beautiful long hair for all to see, and then sending your lovely locks to the charity to makes wigs for children with cancer, Linda x
Saira Addison gave £146
In name of my stand by child- keep reaching for the stars for God has his hand on you xxx
S Sharif gave £20
May God Bless you greatly
Nicola white gave £10
Danny sains donated to this appeal
Well done you xx Dan n Carlene
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