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Pete's 50-mile walk 2019

On November 12th, Peter Hagenbuch is walking 50 miles from Uphall to Abington Service Area for kids in Stand by Me's care

$65 raised
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Charities are a big part of my life. At a local level I like to support Christian youth work and charities which help people and families affected by disability. At an international level I like to support charities and projects which help children born into poverty or children for whom life is a struggle. There are so many good charities I find it impossible to limit my support to just one or two. I know the people who run the charities and projects I support so I know the money will be put to good use.

50-mile walk from Uphall to Abington Service Area

12th November

I will be supporting Stand by Me's work in Shan State, Burma.

Thank you for your support, Peter Hagenbuch 

Stand by Me rescue children then do whatever it takes to provide the care, love and attention they need to thrive. Shan State lies in the west of Burma. It is troubled by war, conflict, persecution, poverty and the trafficking of children. Stand by Me is meeting the needs of orphaned and abandoned children in our two family-style children's homes. The children receive a great education and get the chance to reach their full potential. The children's village has recently purchased new land adjoining the village and donations to Peter's fundraising will help to renovate the land to be used as a play area for children and for outreach projects to the local community.   

Recent supporters

Mrs Anne-Marie Parham gave £25
Thank you Peter for standing with those whose voices are hushed. Thank you for helping them to rise above the trauma, to walk again in the sunshine of love.
Mr C J Ramsay gave £20
Good luck Pete!
Go Pete!

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Project Updates

28 November 2019

I walked a route I’ve done twice before but it was harder this time and I called a halt at 40 miles, at midnight. The last two miles were very icy, treacherous in places. My friends Colin and Mairi came to support me and they would have stayed until I completed the 50 miles but we decided to be sensible for once. I was very happy with 40 miles in the conditions and I am pleased with the achievement. 

In 2020 my plan is to do the walk earlier when it’s not so cold and there’s more daylight, avoid hill climbs and busy roads with no pavement, lighten my rucksack, get a good sleep before the walk and make sure I eat properly then I should manage the 50 miles in 2020! I

’m approaching £3000 sponsorship so I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me. I should be able to raise at least £150 for each of my 18 charities. Thank you for all your support and for your generosity towards the children in Shan State, Burma. 

Stand by... almost there...