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Help us buy uniforms, hire teachers and support the HIV programme for kids in Ethiopia, Africa.

Matt and I, along with my children Brendan and Corey, will be travelling to Africa to volunteer to work with the kids. We would love your generous support.

$42,059.77 raised of $35,000 target
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Stand by Me rescues children and will do whatever it takes to provide love, care and attention to those in need. It is a small charity supported by those that have given money directly, or who have sponsored one of the school children. They have changed the lives of over 2,000 people in Bekoji, Ethiopia alone, through the Bethany School project. 

On the 23rd July, Russell Lascala, his two sons, Brendan, Corey and Matt Gillingham are travelling to Ethiopia to work with the Bethany School.

At a minimum, Russell and Matt want to raise £35,000 to purchase a new school uniform and shoes for each of the 480 children at the school, support 5 more teachers at a cost of £1,200/teacher and support the children and their families through the HIV Food Programme. 

Please give generously. All money donated will go directly towards the purchasing of the uniforms, teachers salary and HIV Food Programme.


Uniforms & Shoes:

Many of our children in Bekoji were previously excluded from government schools because they did not have the correct uniform, equipment or books. The  provision of a uniform helps the children realise their value and gives them a sense of belonging. A uniform is often the best item of clothing that our kids own and it quickly becomes worn, dirty and damaged. It is exceedingly important to each child’s sense of worth that they have a smart new uniform to replace their inadequate old clothes and at the same time offer them dignity and a greater sense of identity, as they attend school, walking a little taller, proud and eager to learn.  

Shoes are vital to protect our kids from serious diseases caught through cuts on their feet or by walking through polluted water. For many families in Bekoji, the cost of a pair of shoes is more than a month’s wages. It’s so important for our kids to have shoes not just for their health but also for their dignity. A sturdy pair of shoes improves their health and shows them that they are loved. 

HIV Food Programme:

Many children in Bekoji were living with life threatening illnesses such as HIV, usually without medication or adequate food and becoming too sick to attend school. Providing an education for children who were dying from HIV was not enough – if  we didn’t intervene these children may not have made it to adulthood. We started a HIV Food Programme which has enabled children and parents to receive  treatment, counselling and monthly nourishing food packages containing  vegetables, dairy products and carbohydrates. This vital work is helping  children to fight infection, cope with their medication and attend school regularly so that they can benefit from an excellent education. 

Teachers Salary: £1,200 is an average teacher’s salary for the year (and there 16 teachers at the school):

Our  Bethany School provides each child with a quality education that is necessary to break the cycle of poverty and provide for their future. By employing hard  working teachers and providing them with effective training, our children receive the best education possible and are also influenced by positive role  models in their lives. We encourage our teaching staff to get to know each  child personally and to build a strong relationship with them as individuals. Our teachers are a valuable part of our children’s lives.   

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