Shirley's February on the floor

I am sleeping on the floor for two weeks to lift a child off the ground and into their first bed

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I've set myself a little challenge for February and wondered if you would help me achieve it? 

Stand By Me, a UK charity, became aware of the needs caused by extreme levels of poverty in Ethiopia. Moved by the commitment of the local church to provide education, they adopted the Bethany School where today they are providing the poorest children with a quality education, daily food, health care and family support. A Children’s Home was later opened to care for orphaned and at-risk children. The Abdi Academy opened in 2013 to meet the needs of children in another town in Ethiopia.

A team from Tonbridge Baptist Church has undertaken trips biennially with Stand By Me. In 2011 they made their first trip to Bethany School in Ethiopia and have returned five times since to carry out practical tasks to improve the lives of the children and their families.  

I'm a member of Tonbridge Baptist Church and was planning on joining the team this year on their next visit to Ethiopia, but the pandemic put paid to that! Instead, I'm going to take up the Stand By Me 'Sleep on the Floor'  challenge. For me it will be just two weeks sleeping on the floor between 15th-28th February, but for many families this is how they sleep all the time. Please give generously as I would like to raise as much money as I can to buy as many beds for those families without beds. 

I will update you with photos and details of my experience and I will share photos I will receive of the families whose lives have been changed because of your support. 

Thank you 

Stand by Me rescues kids from extreme circumstances, then does whatever it takes to provide the care, love and attention they need to thrive. We care for almost 4,000 kids across the world, from Myanmar to Colombia to Ethiopia. No two are the same, some are orphaned, some abandoned, some abused or living in extreme poverty, so we take care to understand and meet each of their individual needs from food and healthcare, to loving parents and quality education. We're in this for the long term, until they reach their potential, stand on their own two feet and become who they were created to be.

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J Jordan gave £20
Well done Shirley😀
F Barker gave £16
Well done, hope your fit and well after your nights on the floor.
Nick Ellis gave £20
Well done Mum. A worthy cause. Hope your back is OK... Xxxx
Mrs R Teverson donated to this appeal
So close now Mum x Proud of you xx
Naomi J Rose gave £20
You are amazing Mum!
Jenny Bubb gave £20
Well done, Shirley
Mrs J M Brookes gave £16
Well done
Mrs A M D Ensoll gave £10
Hope all is going well.
Well done Shirley! Hope Ray doesn't get too used to having the bed to himself!!
Dave and Liz donated to this appeal
Great cause Shirley! Well done! Xx
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Project Updates

04 March 2021

Challenge accomplished! 

Fourteen nights on the floor, £583 has been given, which will buy 4 complete beds plus bedding, 2 sheets and 1 pillow. 

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me, together we will have made a difference to a few families who don't have the luxury of sleeping in a bed.


23 February 2021
One week done, one week to go!

Well, I've survived the 1st week of sleeping on the floor, most of which has been spent trying to find the best way of getting in and up off the floor in the night, 7 days later, I think I've cracked it! I thought it might be helpful to those of you who might find themselves sleeping on the floor, if I shared a few simple steps to make accessing and exiting your bed a little easier.

Step 1: get down on your hands and knees, you may need to hold onto something or someone to help you get into this position!  
Step 2: crawl along your bed on all fours, having first unmade your bed. 
Step 3: flop onto your tummy. Step4: roll on to which ever side you like to lie on. 
Step 5: find your quilt/blanket that is now along side you and with a swift movement of the wrist throw it back over yourself. 
Step 6: this is quite difficult to maintain, especially if you have to visit the bathroom during the night, and that is not to change position unless you really really have too! 
Step 7: to get up and out of your bed, just reverse the steps, see photo. I think I'll  spend this week perfecting the art of getting in and out of my little bed on the floor. I'll let you know how I get on, because it may mean that we need to adjust the steps accordingly Emoji        
Thank you for your continued support, so far this week a total of £417 has been given, which means x2 complete beds, x3 mattresses, x2 blankets and 2 pillows can be bought for those children and their families who have no choice but to sleep on the hard floor all the time.   
16 February 2021
Here I am all comfy and cosy (not!) in my bed on night 1 of my 2 week challenge of sleeping on the floor. The night seemed longer than usual and somewhat chilly. Getting out and up off the floor to visit the bathroom in the night, not once, but twice was a challenge in itself! I feel a bit tired and my joints are a bit achy this morning, but hey it's all in a good cause.

Thankyou to all who have already sponsored me, your giving has amounted to £312 that means 3 complete beds can be bought for kids, thankyou! The more money raised the more beds can be bought, so please keep giving.
Stand by... almost there...