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The Skylark Class Read-a-thon

Raising money for our school charities and a great opportunity for us to develop our love for reading.

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Chepstow House is very proud of the reading that occurs both in and out of our school. Children are passionate about the books they are encountering and this enthusiasm is reflected in the language they use and the creativity they display.

Each Spring Term, Chepstow House School holds a Read-a-thon to raise money for our school charities. As well as making a real difference to the children we support both locally and globally, it is also a great opportunity for our pupils to develop their love for reading.

This year, the money raised from our Read-a-thon will go to Stand By Me and our Chepstow Bursary.

This year, at the request of parents, we are giving the families and friends of our pupils the opportunity to donate online. A hard copy of the Read-a-thon booklet will also be issued to all children.

The Skylark Class would appreciate your support during this week. All donation amounts will be anonymous; however, we would love you to include a comment to the child you are supporting so that it can be shared in class. Please use first names only.

We would like to thank you for your continued support with our charities and look forward to a wonderful Read-a-thon!

Stand by Me is Chepstow House School’s international charity partner. For the past four years we have been learning about and supporting the students, their families and the teachers of a school called the Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. The children that attend this school live in extreme poverty and our support helps to provide them with two meals a day, healthcare when needed and a life changing education. These children have dreams just like us and with our support we hope they can change their futures and become who they were created to be.

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