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Water for Bekoji

Join Nadia in funding water tanks to help provide clean water for the Bethany School

$3,095 raised of $5,000 target
26 supporters

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. A lack of investment in education and a high dependency on child labour has left five million children without access to an education. The Stand by Me Bethany School is today providing over 400 of the poorest children with a quality education, daily food, health care, family support and much more. With the right care, children can rise above their circumstances and reach their full potential. 

One of the biggest challenges Stand by Me faces in Bekoji, Ethiopia, is providing clean water for drinking and washing for the Bethany School. Clean water is essential in ensuring children are healthy. At this time, the water supply is very limited and children are not drinking enough clean water and are not washing often enough. This causes children to become unwell and if they are not feeling good, they are not able to benefit from their education. Currently, buying clean water for the school is very expensive but there is a solution. Water tanks can be purchased to collect rain water during the rainy season, this will supply a good supply of water for drinking and washing. The provision of water tanks could significantly improve our children's health, hygiene and wellbeing. 

Thank you for joining Nadia in providing clean water for the children in Bekoji.  

Recent supporters

Chadwell Medical Centre gave £75
An anonymous donor gave £20
I Umrani gave £30
We hope this contribution helps this worthwhile cause
College Health gave £575
Debbie gave £10
College Health gave £225
An anonymous donor gave £225
Marian Adekoya donated to this appeal
Thurrock lifestyle Solutions CIC gave £380
This was from Anne White
An anonymous donor gave £20
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