Welcome, Chepstow House pupils and parents!

We’re incredibly thankful for your school’s support of our kids at the Abdi Academy which is making an amazing difference in their lives. Child sponsorship is another wonderful way you can get more involved. When a child is told they have a sponsor, they literally jump for joy. Your letters, drawings and small gifts mean the world to them as you love and encourage them to be the very best they can be.

Nataniel is 9 years old. He is a friendly boy who wants to be a Evangelist when he grows up.

Natinael lives in very poor conditions in a one roomed mud house with his mother and older brother. His mother earns less than £1 a day selling vegetables in the market but suffers from ill health so is unable to work all the time and can't provide for her family. Two years ago Natinael was accepted into Abdi Academy, since then he has worked hard. He is a bright child and has achieved excellent results, he is 4th in his class. Natinael is a friendly, caring and active boy who likes to approach people and make friends. He enjoys playing football with his friends at school and neighbourhood children. 

Cali is 9 years old and lives with his Grandma and twin brother. His favourite subject is science and he would like to become a doctor.

Cali and his brother live with their grandma and uncle in a single room mud house with no bed. His grandma only receives a minimal wage as a daily labourer and was struggling to provide for Cali and the rest of the family. Because of these circumstances Cali was accepted into the Abdi Academy a year ago. Since then he has done his best and achieved good grades. Cali is a polite, well behaved boy who is friendly, considerate and enthusiastic. He enjoys playing football with his friends.

Obsa is 8 years old. He is smiley and happy and joined the Abdi Academy this time last year.

Obsa lives with his parents and siblings in a three roomed mud house in very poor conditions. The house has no proper furniture and they sleep on the floor on a plastic mat. When we met Obsa he was wearing old plastic shoes and only had one set of clothes for both day and night. Obsa's father has health issues and can not work and so his mother is the sole provider for the family working as a day labourer. Obsa and his family needed help so he now attends the Abdi Academy where he receives an education, medical support, shoes, uniform and two meals a day. Obsa is a friendly and active boy who makes friends easily and is enjoying school. A loving sponsor get help provide the encouragement he needs to reach his potential. 

Qabso is 6 years old. He lives with his mother and siblings in a one room mud house with very little furniture or utensils and they collect their water from a local well. Qabso is active and outgoing and dreams of being a pilot one day.

Qabso is the youngest child in his family and he lives with his mother and siblings in a mud house which was given to them by a generous individual. It’s a humble home with just one room and they have very little furniture or kitchen utensils. Qabso sleeps on a poor quality bed and has one set of clothing. The family buy their water or collect it from a well. Sadly Qabso's father has died, and his mother is unable to work as she cares for her children, so they are a family in need of some support. This is why Qabso has been accepted into the Stand by Me programme and will be provided with hot meals, a good education, clothing, shoes and health care services. Qabso enjoys going to the Stand By Me school and loves to study Afan Oromo (local language) and English. He is an active, loveable and outgoing boy and says he wishes to be a pilot one day. His favourite game is football.

Hana is 14 years old and has joined our school two years ago. She is very friendly, well behaved and enjoys sharing a laugh with her class.

Hana lives with her parents and younger sister in a two roomed house in poor living conditions. She has no bed to sleep on and sadly sleeps on a long chair with no cover. Hana and her sister collect water from the nearby river which is a ten minute walk away. Toilet facilities and sanitation are poor. Hana's father has health problems and cannot work. Her mother is the only provider in the family and earns a small income as a day labourer. She strives to support her family with food, medication and other basic needs but her her income is insufficient. Hana is a friendly and polite girl. She is enjoying learning new things at the Abdi Academy and her favourite subject is 'Afaan Oromo' (her native language). She enjoys playing volleyball and helps out her family in her spare time. 

Now Sponsored

Hirut is 8 years old, and along with her younger brother lives in a humble rented home with her parents. The family use plastic covers to try and keep warm at night as they sleep on the floor. Hirut is a polite young girl, and quite shy too but she has fun playing her favourite local game ‘Kolamoshe’.

Hirut’s family can’t afford to furnish or equip their home, and they travel to a well to collect their water.  Her dad earns a small daily income for his labour work, but they can’t afford even good quality food for their daily meals. Hirut uses her one set of clothes and shoes, which are a bit worse for wear these days.

With the help of Stand by Me Hirut will receive the help she needs at the Abdi Academy including a good education, school meals, clothes, shoes and medical checks too.


Now Sponsored

Meskrem is 8 years old. Her name means 'September' and new beginnings which we hope she will have now she is in our care.

Meskrem lives with her mum in a single roomed mud made house. When we met them they had no house furniture or kitchen utensils. Meskrem was wearing plastic shoes and ragged clothes. They buy their drinking water from a neighbour and walk 20 minutes to collect water for other uses. Meskrem's father sadly passed away following an accident and as a result, Meskrem's mum is the only provider. Her low income is insufficient to meet the family's basic needs. Because of this, Stand by Me received Meskrem into its comprehensive care and support programme and is now providing her with a nutritious diet, a life changing education, clothes, shoes and health care. Meskrem is a friendly girl and enjoys going to School. She wishes to be a teacher one day. 

Now Sponsored

Cara is 8 years old. He is an only child and lives with his parents in a mud house and sleeps on a hay mattress on the floor. Cara is active and confident and enjoys English. He says he'd like to be a doctor when he grows up.

Cara is an only child. He lives with his mum and dad in a two roomed mud house of their own which was built by the support of the community. Cara sleeps on a hay mattress on the floor. They don’t have house furniture or kitchen utensils. They buy drinking water from the neighbourhood. Cara had just a pair of plastic sandals and ragged clothes when we met him. He had no other set to change into. His mum is the only bread winner and she works as a labourer.  With this low income she is not able to support Cara's basic needs or that of the family. Understanding Cara's desperate need for help, Stand By me accepted him into its care and is now providing him with nutritious food, a life changing education and medical services. Without such care and support he would continue to struggle. Cara is an active, confident and friendly child. English is his favourite subject. In his free time he enjoys playing football, his favourite colour is white and his favourite animal is a cow. He is from a Christian family and he enjoys attending church with his family.   

Our kids thrive knowing that their sponsor loves and cares for them and that they are part of a wider family across the world.
As you write and receive communication from your child you build a personal relationship with them. You get to know their interests, hopes and dreams.
Your sponsorship donation will provide food, clothes, an education, medical care and in some cases, a loving home.
Our kids love to receive letters, photos and small gifts from their sponsor. These things quickly become treasured possessions and let your child know you care for them.
If you don’t think you’d write to your child at least once per year, we’d love you to consider supporting Chepstow House's fundraising

Miss Walshe, a teacher at Chepstow House School, sponsored Wamale after visiting Ethiopia. 

"Seeing first-hand the work of Stand by Me made me realise the huge impact that sponsorship has on a child. Seeing their faces light up when they receive a package from their sponsor, knowing that someone in a different country is thinking of them and cares is so powerful! Since sponsoring Wamale, I feel like she is part of my family; I am forever speaking about her and know how much influence my letters and gifts are having on her life. I look forward to playing a part in her life as she grows."

Hannah, Matt, Abi and Toby sponsor William Sak Kee in Burma and even though he lives far away, each member of the family has built a special bond with him.

“It’s a delight to receive his letters and emails and to write back to him. In every letter and photo we see him develop and it’s great to be part of his life. William calls us 'Mum' and 'Dad' and he is our unofficially adopted son! He is a brother to Abi and Toby and the correspondence between them is very special. In one of William's letters, he writes, 'you are all in my heart'; well, William is and always will be in our hearts too.”

St Luke’s Nursery and Primary School sponsor 6 children through fundraising activities like film nights, penny spirals and selling smoothies, gingerbread people and cakes.

“We sponsor children in Burma and Ethiopia because we have so much more than they do and it’s good to share.” “Sponsoring means a lot to me because our friends are the same age as us and are not as fortunate as we are.”  “It’s important that we show our friends that they are loved.” “We can make a big difference to the lives of others and I like it when I see pictures of our friends smiling.”

Christy started sponsoring Ashenafi in Ethiopia when he left high school

“I decided to become a sponsor because I realised that while £20 a month may seem like a very small amount to me, it can be used to transform a child’s life. Rather than donating to an unknown source each month with little or no idea of how my money is being used, Stand by Me have helped me build a relationship with my sponsor child, which makes it much less like donating money and more like simply helping a friend.”

Gary sponsors Dame and Ifa in Dembi Dollo. He even got to meet them both on a team trip.

“Receiving letters from the two boys I sponsor is my favourite mail! My boys update me on how they are getting on at school and how their family life is, which makes everything considerably more personal. Through sponsoring, I know that whatever I give financially gets to those that need it most and all is spent wisely, but more importantly I actually get to know my kids, who they are, and what their hopes and dreams are!”

What is child sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child is a great way for you to directly impact a child’s life. You encourage and support your sponsored child, not only financially, but by sending letters and building a personal relationship with them. Your support enables them to feel loved and part of a family. Your monthly donation will be used to provide for your child’s individual needs.

How much does child sponsorship cost?

For as little as £23 per month, you can become a child sponsor and help us rescue a child in need.  The costs of providing children with high quality care can vary greatly depending on the country and the needs of the children. Since our desire is to provide the best care possible, it may be necessary to allocate some of our children with more than one sponsor. £23 per month goes a long way, however, anything extra you feel able to give will be much appreciated. 

What does my sponsorship money go towards?

It goes towards providing the best care possible for the child you sponsor. This could be to provide 24hr care in a loving family home for a child who is orphaned or without a stable family environment. For children who have a family but have no access to an education, your sponsorship money will enable them to go to our school or care centre and provide them with a quality education, committed teachers, books, pens, nutritious food and vital medical care.

Can Stand by Me guarantee that my money will be allocated to my child?

Yes, we will use your money to provide the best care possible for the child you sponsor. Your money will provide their food, clothes, education, medical care and if necessary, loving parents and a family home. A minimum of 92% of your donation is spent on caring for your child. The remaining 8% is used for managing the sponsorship programme and helping us raise more sponsors.  

What information will I receive about my sponsored child?

When you sponsor, we’ll allocate you a child according to your preferences and send you their photo and background story. This helps you get to know your child and begin building a relationship from the start by sending a letter or email. We will then send you regular updates, photos and correspondence from your child.

Can I sponsor a child as part of a group?

Yes. We welcome group sponsorships. You may want to sponsor a child through your school, social club, church group, brownies, scout group or business.

Will I be the only sponsor for my child?

In some of our projects, one sponsor contributing £23 per month is sufficient to meet a child’s needs. However, the costs of providing for a child vary greatly depending on the country and the type of care they need. Since our desire is to provide the best care possible for every child, it may be necessary to allocate some of our children with more than one sponsor.

Can I communicate with my child?

Yes, we would love you to do so. We want every sponsor to have a great relationship with their child and we will do our best to facilitate and encourage you to write as often as you can. Our kids love to receive letters, photos and small gifts from their sponsor. These things quickly become treasured possessions and let your child know you care for them.

How do I communicate with my child?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. By post (which can include cards, letters, postcards, photos etc). You can download our reply template
  2. By email. Just send your message to mychild@standby.me

For both types of communication, please include the following information:-

  1. Your Name
  2. Child’s Name
  3. Child’s ID number
  4. Programme Name

Please be aware that due to delays in international post and poor internet connection, you should allow up to 12 weeks for a postal response and 4 weeks for an email response.  

Where do I send any postal correspondence for my child?

You can send all correspondence to our England office:

Your postal correspondence will be forwarded to the child on a monthly basis.

Can I contact my child directly?

To safeguard our children we ask you not to directly contact your child via post or social media, but to send any communication through our England office. It is our policy not to disclose your contact details to your child or the programme.

What shall I write to my child?

The first time you write you can introduce your family and possibly include a photo. Pets, hobbies and sports are always good topics to include.

  • Ask your child what name they like to be known by. In some countries, the names are quite different to British names.  You could also tell them what you like to be called.
  • Share about a national custom or holiday. Postcards of where you live or places you have visited are educational and interesting.
  • Encourage your child to do their best at school.
  • Include a question or two to give your child something to write about, and answer your child’s letter and any questions they have for you.
  • Please avoid writing about personal problems where possible.
  • Please do not include your contact details on any correspondence with your child.
  • For more ideas, check out our sample letter

Can I send a postal gift to my child?

Yes you can. We encourage you to send letters, photos and gifts that fit into an A5 size envelope via our England office. Large parcels are discouraged due to the high cost of postage, customs issues and fairness to all the children. For international post, please allow up to 12 weeks for a response.

Can I send a monetary gift to my child?

That’s a great question! You can do that here. Or you can call us on 01708 442271 to make a card payment or you can send a cheque to our England office (made payable to Stand by Me) making it clear on the covering note what the cheque is for. Our overseas staff will then purchase a present on your behalf. We suggest an amount between £10 and £25. If you want to give more than £25 we will use the extra to provide gifts for unsponsored children.

Can I visit my child?

In accordance with our child protection policy, and when possible, we facilitate the opportunity for a sponsor to meet their child. However, due to the security risks in certain countries a visit is not always possible.

Can I email my child?

We would love you to. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to communicate with your child. Please send any emails to mychild@standby.me. Please remember the internet connection can cause delays in some of our programmes, therefore we ask you allow up to 4 weeks for a response.

I don’t have time to write to a sponsored child, but I’d love to contribute. How can I help?

If you would like to impact the lives of children but don’t feel that sponsoring a child is for you, then please consider making a regular donation, which enables you to sponsor a home or school. You will have the same impact without sponsoring an individual child. There are also many other ways you can get involved.

If I stop my sponsorship, what happens to the child?

Every effort will be made to find the child a new sponsor.

Can I sponsor a Home or School?

Sponsoring a home or school is a great way of impacting the lives of many children. You can do this by signing up to give a regular donation and selecting an amount and country of your choice. If you want to discuss this further, please contact Nicola on 01708 442271 or Nicola@standby.me.

How much does sponsoring a Home or School cost?

You can choose the amount you wish to donate (per month) and any contribution will make an impact on many of our children’s lives.

How does sponsoring a Home or School help?

This is a great way of supporting many children, especially children who do not have a sponsor and without the commitment of writing to them. Your regular donation will go towards meeting the monthly needs of the children at the programme (home or school), including food, clothes, medical care and the salary of the teachers or carers. We’ll make sure you receive regular updates on how your donation is having an impact.  


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