Stand By Me is a global movement of people committed to rescuing kids in crisis.
Rosa, Colombia

Rosa lives with her mum, brother and sister in a mud hut in the town of Guacamayal, northern Colombia. Her father was killed some years ago by a rebel military group leaving Rosa’s mum as the sole provider. Even though Rosa’s mother works 14 hours a day at the banana plantation, she rarely has enough money to feed her children or send them to school. In 2008, Rosa was enrolled at Centre Educativo Cristiano School, where she now receives a hot meal each day and a good education. Rosa likes going to school and her favourite subject is Maths. She enjoys the care her teacher shows her and delights in playing with her friends.

Centre Educativo Cristiano School

The Centre Educativo Cristiano School, Guacamayal commenced with 53 children, when Edinson and his wife opened their home to provide children with a basic education, a slice of bread and a cup of sugar water each day. In 2005, Stand by Me adopted the school and today is educating 309 of the poorest children of the area. Without an opportunity to learn, Rosa and the other pupils would have been trapped in poverty, but instead they are learning life changing skills, receiving a quality education and a hot meal each day. In late 2010, a school building was purchased and is currently being renovated in order to provide a further 100 children with a better future.

Our work in Colombia

Four decades of civil war and conflict have resulted in three million Colombians being displaced and over 20,000 people killed each year. It is estimated that more than six million children live in poverty, the majority of whom suffer from malnutrition. A lack of educational opportunities has resulted in millions of children not having access to a basic education. In the rural areas most people are too poor to send their children to school. In response to the needs and in the hope of offering these children a brighter future, Stand by Me is running the Centre Educativo Cristiano School and providing an education to the poorest children in the town of Guacamayal

If you'd like to talk to someone about supporting our work in Colombia, please email or phone +44 (0)845 604 5543 Other options are available for businesses or people who want to focus their contribution on a specific area.