Online Celebration Event 2021

You can watch our Celebration Event by clicking "Play the video" in the banner above. 

Our event is packed full of stories of our amazing kids around the world. You’ll get to hear from Lemh Nu in Myanmar, Rinu in Nepal and our Founding Director David. We also share with you an update on our Myanmar Appeal as well as many more stories of how you are helping to impact the lives of our kids.

Myanmar Appeal

The combined impact of Covid and civil unrest, amid rising unemployment and food prices, have forced millions of people into abject poverty and insecurity. We wish we knew when the crisis in Myanmar will come to an end, but until then we are committed to supporting our children and their families with emergency aid. With your help, we know we can continue to bring life-saving support to those in urgent need, lifting them out of despair and giving them hope for a better future. 

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