10 gift ideas for your sponsored child

Tuesday, 10 April 2018
10 gift ideas for your sponsored child

Our kids love to receive letters, photos and small gifts from their sponsors. These things quickly become treasured possessions and let our children know that they have a family that loves them.

As the post that sponsors send makes its way around the world into the hands of our excited kids, it carries more than the notebooks, pens, small toys and cards in the envelopes, it brings words of encouragement, feelings of joy and the assurance that our children are loved and cared for by their sponsors.

“I appreciate that my sponsor loves me so much and helps me without even knowing me. He is very thoughtful with me and reminds me of my birthday and special dates. It is great to have communication with him and tell him about me and the things I like to do. I feel that I love him!” Jhon Freddys, age 13, Colombia.

To meet postal requirements and to try to ensure that our children are treated equally, we ask that sponsors gifts fit into an A5 envelope. This means that our kids are not overwhelmed by too many gifts and ensures that it is fair for all of the children.

“But what can I fit in an A5 envelope?” we hear you ask. Well, we have a few ideas that we’ve put together for you. We hope they inspire you to get creative and send a letter to your sponsored child with a little extra treat to put a smile on their face.

1. Pens and a small notebook. Whether you sponsored is a budding artist and loves to draw, just wants to practise their handwriting or is penning their first novel, this combination is always a winner.  

2. Balloons. You can easily fit a pack of balloons in an A5 envelope and when blown up, your sponsored child will love using them to play games with their friends.

3. Stickers. Stickers are a great gift as you can choose a design that matches your sponsored child’s hobbies and interests.  

4. Bookmarks.  Bookmarks encourage our kids’ love of reading.

5. Underwear or socks. Pants and socks can easily be flattened out to fit in a small envelope and will give our kids dignity.  

6. Football cards. Our kids’ favourite sport is usually football. The cards of famous football players that can be purchased in most supermarkets are the perfect football related gift.

7. Accessories. Cheap but colourful accessories such as hair bands, hair clips, necklaces and friendship bracelets are a real luxury for our children.  Your sponsored child will remember you every time they wear it.

8. Drawings. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, why not get them involved and ask them to draw your sponsored child a picture. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to them about the needs of children who live in poverty. 

9. Small toys.  Our sponsors have found some great toys that excite our children and also fit in an A5 envelope including a fidget spinner, a paper airplane kit, Lego blocks, a toy car, a bouncy ball or a mini jigsaw.

10. Photographs. Photos of you, your family and your pets will delight your sponsored child as they get to know you better.

We hope our ideas encourage you to send a little something to your sponsored child to make their day as they realise that you have been thinking about them.  Your love and encouragement gives them confidence, helps them know they are special and shows them the love of Jesus. Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors who are changing the lives of children and helping them reach their full potential. 

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