6 Christmas gift ideas to send to your sponsored child

Wednesday, 09 November 2016
6 Christmas gift ideas to send to your sponsored child

We love giving cards and gifts to our friends and family at Christmas. It makes us happy to know that our cards and gifts can put a smile on someone’s face.  

There’s something even more special about sending a card or gift across the world to your sponsored child. Our children are delighted to know that you are thinking about them and excited by the small gifts they receive.

But we know it’s difficult to think of the right gift to send to your sponsored child. So we’ve put together a short list of small gifts to inspire you as you shop for your child.

1. Card

Send your child your heartfelt Christmas greetings and tell them how you will be celebrating Christmas. They will love to know what your family does at Christmas, your traditions and how our culture celebrates so they can compare it to their own celebrations.


Bookmarks are a perfect gift for your child as they’re flat and small. Our children love reading so every time they open their book they will be reminded of you and your love for them. See if you can find one in their favourite colour.

3. Stickers

Stickers can be found for all kinds of things; football, dinosaurs, butterflies, smiley faces, cars, insects, hearts, the list goes on. Choose stickers that represent your sponsored child’s likes and interests, they will love to use them to personalise their items.

4. Sweets

Like all children, our kids love a treat. Our children come from extreme poverty where food is scarce and sweets and chocolate are a luxury that will be received with excitement. A small packet of sweets can fit in an A5 envelope.

5. Pencils, pens and small notebooks

Whether they love drawing pretty pictures or love practicing their writing, a set of pens or pencils will brighten a child’s day. A small notebook to use their pens or pencils is great.

6. Treat money

And if you’re still lost for ideas. You can send in some treat money between £5 and £20 for your child to be brought a gift or buy themselves a gift in the country they live.

Gifts need to fit inside an A5 envelope to keep postage costs low - as they say, “good things come in small packages”! Remember to send your gifts before the end of November to get to your child for Christmas.

If you don’t yet sponsor a child but want to experience the joy of being part of a child’s life you can find out more all about child sponsorship here.

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