8 Birthday Gift Ideas for your Sponsored Child

Wednesday, 30 June 2021
8 Birthday Gift Ideas for your Sponsored Child

We all love receiving gifts and cards on our birthday, but for a child in poverty, receiving a gift from someone so far away is extra special! Our children are delighted to know that you are thinking about them and excited by the small gifts they receive. These things quickly become treasured possessions and let our children know that they have a family that loves them.

"These sweets were a gift sent to me by my sponsor. I am very happy because he remembers me, I ask God to take care of him. I will share these sweets with my family and I will enjoy them a lot. I don't want them to run out! Estaly David, age 10.

Things to remember:

1. All gifts must be no larger than an A5 envelope

2. Many packages are being delayed due to Covid so don’t send anything perishable, and responses from your child may be delayed

3. For all communication please include the following information: Your Name, Child’s Name, Child’s ID number, Programme Name

4. If you have any questions about communicating with your child, please get in touch on 01708 442271 or email hi@standby.me.

Now onto birthday gift ideas!

1. A letter

There is nothing like receiving something personal in the post! Our children love to receive letters and find out more about you. There is something so special about knowing there is someone far away who cares for them and wants to celebrate their birthday. And the best thing about sending a letter or email is that they can reply. You have a chance to learn more about them and build a personal relationship.

2. Balloons

You can easily fit a pack of balloons in an A5 envelope and when blown up, your sponsored child will love using them to play games with their friends. A simple gift will bring a lot of joy and laughter on their birthday.

3. Stickers

Stickers are a great gift, especially if you get stickers that relate to an interest your child has expressed. They show that you know them and want to get them something special.

4. Football cards

Many of our kids adore football and this is the perfect football-related gift. It is small enough to travel well and is something that your child can play with and share with their friends. This is a perfect gift that you can send again so your child can make their own collection.

5. Pens and a small notebook

This is a great gift that will last a long time. Whether your sponsored child wants to draw, practice their handwriting, or make something for you, this combination is always a winner.  


These are a perfect gift to add-in with a letter. Our children love reading so this is a great way for them to be reminded of you every time they open their book. This is a great gift to personalise by getting a bookmark related to a hobby or interest they have, or one with their age on to celebrate them growing up.

7. Sweets

This is always a winner! Our children come from extreme poverty where food is scarce, so sweets are always an exciting treat and a great way to make a birthday special. Just ensure that it is a sweet that will not melt or go out of date in the travel time.

8. Treat money

This is a great way to avoid sending something a long way. By donating money, a gift can be brought in their own country or your child can buy their own gift. Plus, if you donate a little extra it will be spent on a gift for a child without a sponsor. To donate treat money go here.


We hope ideas inspire you to send a little something to your sponsored child and make their birthday extra special. Thank you for changing a child’s life and showing them your love and support.  

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