Meet Yerisel

Aged 6, Colombia

Yerisel lives with her parents and two sisters. Her father works as a security guard and her mother is a housewife, but they find it difficult to cover all the family's needs. They live in a house with two bedrooms and they have a bathroom and kitchen. While they have electricity and gas they do not have clean water. Yerisel shares her bedroom with her sisters, and shares her bed with one of them. 

Yerisel enjoys going to school every day and her favourite subjects are math and art. She is a funny and friendly child. Her favourite colour is pink. In her free time Yerisel enjoys playing with dolls and riding a bike. She also likes imaginary play and watching TV. Yerisel's favourite foods are potato soup and fish with rice. She attends a Christian church with her family. 

With sponsorship support, Yerisel can attend the Stand by Me Care Centre where she can eat nutritious food and play with her friends. At the centre she can also receive educational support. She is excited to have a sponsor to write letters to. When she grows up Yerisel would like to be a policewoman so she can help people.

Where Yerisel lives

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots in Colombia is alarming. Decades of civil war and conflict have resulted in a country plagued by violence and murder. For six million children deep in poverty, a lack of educational opportunities and malnutrition is an everyday reality. Children have severe health issues worsened due to not being able to afford medical treatment. Many children suffer from psychological problems as a result of neglect, abuse and violence experienced in their homes.

We established a care centre in 2015 to support families through educational provision, meals, counselling, training and housing support. Every day, our children come to our care centre eager to learn, play and receive emotional support. 


How your donation is used

92% of your donation will be used to directly provide the best care possible for Yerisel. We’ll use the remaining 8% to support the work of Stand by Me and find a sponsor for the next child.

What you receive

When you sponsor Yerisel you will receive a pack in the post with his story and photo. Every year you will receive an update about his/her progress, a new photo and at least one communication from him/her.

Real relationship

We know our kids love to receive your letters and write back so we encourage you to write as many letters as you like, along with photos and birthday gifts to develop a genuine relationship.

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