Meet Tilahun

Aged 7, Ethiopia

Tilahun and his twin sister are the youngest in their family. They live in a rented room with their father and older brother. They have few belongings but do have a bed that was provided by Stand by Me because Tilahun's older brother has been attending our school. Sadly, Tilahun's mother died which brought great sorrow to their family. His father has been doing his best to provide for the children by working as a guard at a hotel, but it has become more and more difficult to make ends meet, so his father asked if Tilahun and his twin sister might be accepted into our school. Now, with sponsorship support, Tilahun will have access to regular nutritious meals, healthcare and the opportunity of a life changing education.

Tilahun is delighted to come to school and always comes with a happy face. He is excited to be sponsored like his older brother. Tilahun is a happy and energetic boy who speaks confidently. His favourite thing to do is play with toys, especially toy cars. Orange is his favourite colour and potato stew with injera (a local bread) is his favourite food. Tilahun enjoys learning English and when he is older he would like to be a doctor.

Where Tilahun lives

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Famine, HIV/Aids and extreme poverty have resulted in millions of orphans and a life of hardship for the majority of its population. Nearly one million children are orphaned as a result of HIV/Aids. A lack of investment in education and a high dependency on child labour has left five million children without access to an education. Educational opportunities for girls are lower than boys as they are expected to do domestic work or marry at an early age.

Our two schools, the Bethany School and the Abdi Academy are today providing the poorest children with a quality education, daily food, health care and family support. Our Children’s Village has two family homes which care for orphaned and at risk children. 

How your donation is used

92% of your donation will be used to directly provide the best care possible for Tilahun. We’ll use the remaining 8% to support the work of Stand by Me and find a sponsor for the next child.

What you receive

When you sponsor Tilahun you will receive a pack in the post with his story and photo. Every year you will receive an update about his/her progress, a new photo and at least one communication from him/her.

Real relationship

We know our kids love to receive your letters and write back so we encourage you to write as many letters as you like, along with photos and birthday gifts to develop a genuine relationship.

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