Meet Asenath

Aged 5, Kenya

Asenath lives with her parents and two brothers. They use firewood as fuel for cooking and share a well which they use to supply water for the extended family. Asenath's father constructs local houses for a living and his mother does casual jobs in order to support her husband. Asenath's mother is however suffering with some health issues. When staff visited their home, they found them eating a meal that was barely enough for the three children and their mother was hoping that their father would come back that evening with something more to eat. There are days when he comes back empty handed. The extended family carry out some crop farming to try and help provide for them. Asenath is quite a shy girl, but her mother shared that her daughter is well behaved. They attend church regularly.

Where Asenath lives

The Open Arms project is joining the Stand by Me family in January 2022. Open Arms International was founded in 2006 to meet the immediate needs of orphaned and abandoned children in western Kenya who were suffering from a wide variety of life-threatening diseases. After the 2008 political violence left thousands of children orphaned, abandoned and homeless, the project grew to support more children. Today, the Open Arms Village is now home to over 150 children with 10 purpose-built family homes.

How your donation is used

92% of your donation will be used to directly provide the best care possible for Asenath. We’ll use the remaining 8% to support the work of Stand by Me and find a sponsor for the next child.

What you receive

When you sponsor Asenath you will receive a pack in the post with his story and photo. Every year you will receive an update about his/her progress, a new photo and at least one communication from him/her.

Real relationship

We know our kids love to receive your letters and write back so we encourage you to write as many letters as you like, along with photos and birthday gifts to develop a genuine relationship.

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