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Burma education

Provide a quality education to open the door of opportunity for kids in Tamu

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Tamu in Burma is close to the border of India. As trade across the border has increased, the town has experienced more crime, drug and alcohol abuse and many children’s lives have been devastated as a result. The instability and extreme poverty leaves families struggling to survive and the cost of a good quality education is far beyond their reach.

At Stand by Me we know that education is vital in helping children to escape the cycle of poverty. The children in Tamu were receiving a poor education at the local government school so we built a quality school.

Our Sophia Academy in Tamu is supporting children from our Sophia Home and the surrounding areas where children like Aung receive vital tuition, extra resources, love and medical care.

Our school allows us not only to support children like Aung and offer them greater prospects for their future, but it also gives us a platform to extend our care to their families. 

Help us reach out and help to so many deserving children in this area of Burma and open the door of opportunity for our children.

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