Our kids are amazing.

Despite their start in life, they’re full of potential. And we’d love you to get to know them and help a child become everything they are born to be.

Our kids are amazing.

Despite their start in life, they’re full of potential. And we’d love you to get to know them and help a child become everything they are born to be.

Why Stand by Me?

For as long as it takes

These are our kids, we are their proud parents. We love them so much and we are committed to standing by them for as long as it takes. We take care to understand and meet each child’s individual needs – from food and healthcare to loving parents and a quality education. We’re in no rush. We’re in this for the long term to help them reach their full potential.

Caring for them as Jesus would

We follow Jesus’ example, caring for children just as He would, by restoring their dignity and giving them a sense of self-worth. But we believe that faith is a personal choice – we care for children who need our help regardless of their belief, background or social status. Read More

Your money goes further

It’s important to us that your money really impacts your child. 88% of your donation will be used to directly provide the best care possible for your sponsored child. We’ll use the remaining 12% to facilitate the relationship with your child and support the work of Stand by Me.

Personal charity

We’re small enough to know each of our 3,800 children by name and large enough to provide world class care for all our children. For over 25 years we’ve encouraged sponsors to build a genuine relationship with their sponsored child as you see how your donation really does change a life.

A Director with a unique understanding of our kids

Ahmad was living in an orphanage in Lebanon when his life was changed by his sponsor. Just over 30 years later, he’s our Executive Director.

“Growing up in Lebanon during the civil war, I have experienced firsthand many of the challenges and obstacles that our children face. The care Stand by Me offers and the quality of our child sponsorship has been shaped by what I experienced and how I endeavour to bring the same hope I received to all of our children.”

How Sponsorship works

Make a Real Difference

Child sponsorship is so much more than a monthly donation meeting a child’s individual needs; we believe a relationship with a sponsor is an essential part of a child’s development, self-esteem and wellbeing. Being part of a wider family will help a child know they are loved and accepted for who they are.

Receive Updates & Photos

We’ll send you your child’s information pack in the post including their story, photo, interests and dreams. Annual progress reports, regular photos and communication from your child will keep you updated of their development.

Personal Relationship

Because we know that letters, photos and gifts from a sponsor become treasured possessions and let our children know that you care and love them, we will provide you with the tools and encourage you to exchange letters and emails with them regularly.

What’s it like to be a child sponsor?

When you decide to be a child sponsor, it changes a child’s life. The less obvious bit is that it often changes the sponsor’s life a little too.

The Buchanan family, from Northern Ireland, sponsor Borifan in Ethiopia

 “The girls love seeing the pictures Borifan has drawn and enjoy sending her drawings and letters back. It is wonderful to read of the progress she is making in school and her love for God.  We know that through our donations Stand by Me are making such a big difference to Borifan and her family.”

Child Sponsorship Questions & Answers

Can't find an answer to something? Email your question to hi@standby.me

  • Why child sponsorship?

    Sponsoring a child is a great way for you to directly impact a child’s life. You encourage and support your sponsored child not only financially, but by sending letters and building a personal relationship with them. Your support enables them to feel loved and part of a family. Your monthly donation will be used to provide for your child’s individual needs.

  • How much does child sponsorship cost?

    For as little as £24 per month, you can become a child sponsor and help us rescue a child in need. The costs of providing children with high quality care can vary greatly depending on the country and the needs of the children. Since our desire is to provide the best care possible, it may be necessary to allocate some of our children with more than one sponsor. £24 per month goes a long way, however, anything extra you feel able to give will be much appreciated.

  • What does my sponsorship money go towards?

    It goes towards providing the best care possible for the child you sponsor. This could be to provide 24hr care in a loving family home for a child who is orphaned or without a stable family environment. For children who have a family but have no access to an education, your sponsorship money will enable them to go to our school or care centre and provide them with a quality education, committed teachers, books, pens, nutritious food and vital medical care.

  • Can Stand by Me guarantee that my money will be allocated to my child?

    Yes, we will use your money to provide the best care possible for the child you sponsor. Your money will provide their food, clothes, education, medical care and if necessary, loving parents and a family home. A minimum of 88% of your donation is spent on caring for your child. The remaining 12% is used for managing the sponsorship programme and helping us raise more sponsors.

  • What information will I receive about my sponsored child?

    When you sponsor, we’ll allocate you a child according to your preferences and send you their photo and background story. This helps you get to know your child and begin building a relationship from the start by sending a letter or email. We will then send you regular updates, photos and correspondence from your child.

  • Can I sponsor a child as part of a group?

    Yes. We welcome group sponsorships. You may want to sponsor a child through your school, social club, church group, brownies, scout group or business.

  • Will I be the only sponsor for my child?

    We provide the best care possible for each of our kids and endeavour to meet their individual needs. However, the costs of providing for a child vary greatly depending on the country and the type of care they need. Since our desire is to provide the best care possible for every child, it may be necessary to allocate some of our children with more than one sponsor. By our kids having a few sponsors each, we are able to provide them with care to transform their lives while ensuring they can benefit from having a genuine, personal relationship with their sponsors who act as aunts, uncles and grandparents to them. 

  • Can I communicate with my child?

    Yes, we would love you to do so. We want every sponsor to have a great relationship with their child and we will do our best to facilitate and encourage you to write as often as you can. Our kids love to receive letters, photos and donations to buy small gifts from their sponsor. These things quickly become treasured possessions and let your child know you care for them.

  • How do I communicate with my child?

    There are two ways to do this:

    1. By post (which can include cards, letters, postcards & photos). You can download our reply template.
    2. By email. Just send your message to mychild@standby.me

    For both types of communication, please include the following information:

    1. Your Name
    2. Child's Name
    3. Child's ID number
    4. Programme Name

    Please be aware that due to delays in international post and poor internet connection, you should allow at least 6 weeks for a postal response and 3 weeks for an email response.

  • Where do I send any postal correspondence for my child?

    You can send all correspondence to our England office.

    Your postal correspondence will be forwarded to the child on a monthly basis.

  • Can I contact my child directly?

    All communication must travel via the Stand by Me UK office to ensure communications are appropriate. Direct contact with your sponsored child over social media, text, post or email is never acceptable as it undermines our safeguarding protocols.
    If direct communication does occur, please let us know by contacting hi@standby.me so we can talk to your child and ensure they can stay safe.
    It is our policy not to disclose your contact details to your child or the programme.

  • What shall I write to my child?

    The first time you communicate with your child, you can introduce your family and possibly include a photo. Pets, hobbies and sports are always good topics to include.

    • Ask your child what name they like to be known by. In some countries, the names are quite different to British names.  You could also tell them what you like to be called.
    • Share about a national custom or holiday. Postcards of where you live or places you have visited are educational and interesting.
    • Encourage your child to do their best at school.
    • Include a question or two to give your child something to write about, and answer your child’s letter and any questions they have for you.
    • Please avoid writing about personal problems where possible.
    • Please do not include your contact details on any correspondence with your child.
    • For more ideas, check out our sample letter.
  • Can I send a postal gift to my child?

    Your child would love to receive emails, letters and photos to find out more about you. Due to the security issues and the cost of postal services in the countries where we work, we are unable to post any parcels to our children. Instead we recommend a monetary gift which will enable your child or our staff to choose a present that is culturally appropriate and supports the local economy, you can give between £10 - £25 to buy a gift for your child here.

  • Can I send a monetary gift to my child?

    That’s a great question! You can do that here. Or you can call us on 01708 442271 to make a card payment or you can send a cheque to our England office (made payable to Stand by Me) making it clear on the covering note what the cheque is for. Our overseas staff will then purchase a present on your behalf or your child will be able to choose a gift themselves. You can give an amount between £10 and £25 which goes far in buying something special while ensuring the children are treated fairly. You'll receive a letter from your sponsored child to let you know what was purchased with your donation. If you want to give more than £25 we will use the extra to provide gifts for unsponsored children.

  • Can I visit my child?

    In accordance with our child protection policy, we can sometimes facilitate the opportunity for a sponsor to meet their child. However, due to the security risks in certain countries a visit is not always possible.
    Please get in contact with us on 01708 442271 or email hi@standby.me to find out more. 

  • Can I email my child?

    We would love you to. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to communicate with your child. Please send any emails to mychild@standby.me. Just put your child's first name and ID reference number in the subject of the email. Please remember the internet connection can cause delays in some of our programmes, therefore we ask you allow up to 3 weeks for a response.

  • If I stop my sponsorship, what happens to the child?

    Every effort will be made to find the child a new sponsor.

  • I don’t have time to write to a sponsored child, but I’d love to contribute. How can I help?

    If you would like to impact the lives of children but don’t feel that sponsoring a child is for you, then please consider making a regular donation, which enables you to sponsor a home or school. You will have the same impact without sponsoring an individual child. There are also many other ways you can get involved.

  • Can I sponsor a Home or School?

    Sponsoring a home or school is a great way of impacting the lives of many children. You can do this by signing up to give a regular donation and selecting an amount and country of your choice. If you want to discuss this further, please contact Nicola on 01708 442271 or Nicola@standby.me.

  • How much does sponsoring a Home or School cost?

    You can choose the amount you wish to donate (per month) and any contribution will make an impact on many of our children’s lives.

  • How does sponsoring a Home or School help?

    This is a great way of supporting many children, especially children who do not have a sponsor and without the commitment of writing to them. Your regular donation will go towards meeting the monthly needs of the children at the programme (home or school), including food, clothes, medical care and the salary of the teachers or carers. We’ll make sure you receive regular updates on how your donation is having an impact.  

Not sure yet?

Ask us anything. We’ve helped sponsors change 1000s of kids’ lives, and we know it can be a big decision. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Stand by... almost there...