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We will be going to Ethiopia to visit the wonderful children of Bekoji supported by Stand by Me. These children were living in unimaginable poverty until they were rescued by Stand by Me and given the chance of a life-changing education. The charity support the children and their families in a variety of ways and during our visit we will be running fun activities for the children while using our individual skills to help the school, the staff, the children and the community. We have decided that we would like to help the families of the Stand by Me children through providing food packs and funding home repairs. Many of the families of the children who attend the Bethany School live in destitute conditions and their houses are in disrepair, to help make a difference to their lives we will be repairing homes to make them more comfortable, safe and secure.

A food parcel costs £20 and can provide nutritious food for a family for a month.

Repairing a home requires materials including timber and tin sheets. As a team we will assist with the repairs but we will also employ local people who are parents of Stand by Me children to carry out the repairs. Therefore, we will not only be creating a better home environment for the family, we will also be benefitting the families of the labourers through providing income.

Stand by Me rescues children then provides them with the care, love and attention they need to thrive. Through homes, schools, care centres and family support programmes, Stand by Me meets children's individual needs and helps them realise their full potential. Stand by Me works in Bekoji, Ethiopia providing the poorest children in the community with a quality education, daily food, health care and family support at the Bethany School. The Bekoji Children’s Home cares for orphaned and at risk children with a loving family home.

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