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I am sleeping on the floor for a week to lift a child off the ground and into their first bed

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Thanks so much for visiting my fundraising page.

From Feb 8th - 14th I will be taking on the challenge of, “February on the Floor”. 

I am spending a week sleeping on the floor to raise money to buy beds for families in Ethiopia. 

I’ve decided to do this as I have been to Ethiopia with ‘Stand By Me’ and have seen first hand where families sleep - most of them don’t have a bed and if they have something resembling a bed, it’s a pretty tired old mattress that most of us wouldn’t let our dogs sleep on. For this reason I would love it if you guys could get behind the challenge and support it financially with as much or as little as you can. (Or if it would be your desire you could also do a little stint on the floor!)

Thanks again for any contribution that you make, it will have a huge impact on the families that receive the beds. Once my fundraising has been completed and the beds have been delivered to the families, I will share pictures of the families with their new beds so you can also see the impact that it has had on their lives.

All the best,

Mark D

Stand by Me rescues kids from extreme circumstances, then does whatever it takes to provide the care, love and attention they need to thrive. We care for almost 4,000 kids across the world, from Myanmar to Colombia to Ethiopia. No two are the same, some are orphaned, some abandoned, some abused or living in extreme poverty, so we take care to understand and meet each of their individual needs from food and healthcare, to loving parents and quality education. We're in this for the long term, until they reach their potential, stand on their own two feet and become who they were created to be.

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Must be nice to be back in bed. Well done a a grand effort Mark!
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On the floor, in the cold - well done Mark! (Hope he's not grumpy Nicole!)
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Well done Mark!
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Good effort Mark
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Well done mark, keep going 💪🏼
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