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Philippa Davidson's February on the floor

We are sleeping on the floor to lift a child off the ground and into their first bed

$1,624 raised
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This February, from the 18th, I am spending a week sleeping on the floor to raise money to buy a bed for a family in Ethiopia. There are families who spend every night sleeping on the cold, hard floor so I'm taking on the "February on the floor" challenge so that they no longer have to and instead can sleep in a comfortable bed. 

My husband and I sponsor a child who lives in Ethiopia and goes to the Bekoji School run by Stand by Me. In August 2019 we were fortunate to be able to visit the school with a small group from the UK and meet Mulu, who we had been sponsoring for nearly 10 years. Prior to our visit, our group were raising funds to buy materials to build beds and provide bedding for families in the town. See the photos of us building 16 beds and then the celebrations of the day they were ready to be delivered to 16 families in Bekoji. During our visit we visited a number of families whose homes were just one room; they had only the bare essentials to cook and many had only a tarpaulin on which to sleep. Therefore, when Stand by Me told me about ‘February on the Floor’, an opportunity to support the providing of more beds for more families, I decided to take up the challenge. Your gifts will be so much appreciated by those who have so little. Thank you for your support. 

A week of discomfort for me will be completely worth it as I know that a bed will transform this family's life. Please give generously as I would love to give the gift of a bed to as many families as possible. I can't wait to update you with photos and details of my experience. I'll also share the photos I will receive of the families whose lives have been changed because of your support. 

Thank you 


Stand by Me rescues kids from extreme circumstances, then does whatever it takes to provide the care, love and attention they need to thrive. We care for almost 4,000 kids across the world, from Myanmar to Colombia to Ethiopia. No two are the same, some are orphaned, some abandoned, some abused or living in extreme poverty, so we take care to understand and meet each of their individual needs from food and healthcare, to loving parents and quality education. We're in this for the long term, until they reach their potential, stand on their own two feet and become who they were created to be.

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