Protecting feet across the world

Our ambition is to provide shoes for children across the world

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At kingstonfeet we are passionate about feet and how important it is for everyone to have healthy and comfortable ones.

For over 20 years we have been providing footcare for thousands of local feet. Now we are looking to help protect feet further afield.

That's why we are partnering with Stand by Me, a child-care charity, who rescue children across the world from extreme circumstances. They care for over 3,800 children in seven countries and many of the children who will be welcomed into their care this year will have never owned a pair of shoes to protect their feet.

Suitable shoes are essential to a child's health, wellbeing and sense of dignity. With a new pair of shoes, these kids will be filled with joy, walking tall, knowing they belong and are protected.

We'd love you to join us in giving a pair of shoes and showing children that they are cared for and loved and so for every pair of shoes donated by you we will match it to a total of 360 pairs.

£10 = a pair of shoes

Stand by Me rescues kids from extreme circumstances, then provides the care, love and attention they need to thrive. We care for over 3,800 kids across the world, from Myanmar to Colombia to Ethiopia. No two are the same, some are orphaned, some abandoned, some abused or living in extreme poverty, so we take care to meet each of their individual needs from food and healthcare, to loving parents and quality education, enabling them to reach their potential, stand on their own two feet and become who they were created to be.  

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