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Shoe Appeal 2015

Give a child happy feet

$28,171 raised
154 supporters

Thank you for your fantastic support, to visit our Shoe Appeal 2016 click here.

Our children’s faces were beaming with pride last year when we handed every child in our care a brand new pair of shoes!

But here’s the thing – because of our amazing supporters, our kids are thriving and that means their little feet are growing! Our wish is to once again give every child in our care a new pair of shoes.

Shoes are vital to protect our kids from serious diseases caught through cuts on their feet or by walking through polluted water. It’s so important for our kids to have shoes not just for their health but also for their dignity.

“I had no shoe before I came to Stand by Me and my feet became red, swollen and sore. I could not walk as quickly as I want and I’m always late for school but now I’m free to walk as I like and always on time for my school.” Milkiyas, Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. 

The need is always great as one pair of shoes does not last a lifetime – shoes really are a fundamental part of our care. So, will you join us in giving a new pair of shoes to 3,500 children this year?

Recent supporters

An anonymous donor gave £50
An anonymous donor gave £25
Ngaire gave £50
Peter gave £100
Rebekah Collins donated to this appeal
David Hawkins gave £20
Wishing you a happy Christmas. God Bless, David XXX
An anonymous donor gave £120
Seema and Sanjiv Shah gave £20
Lesley Thomas gave £20
An anonymous donor gave £5
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Project Updates

10 March 2016

Thanks to your generosity, all our kids’ faces beamed with delight as they each received a new pair of shoes.

One child who was more excited than most was Sena in Dembi Dollo. Sena was born with a leg deformity and although this never affected her positive attitude and determined character, she dreamed of one day wearing two matching shoes. In 2015, Sena had an operation and was fitted with a prosthetic leg, so receiving a pair of shoes at Christmas was extra special. Sena’s father expressed his thankfulness: “I was not able to control myself as tears  of joy spilled over my cheeks seeing my daughter wearing a new pair of shoes. I  never ever thought my daughter can wear shoes but thanks to Stand by Me my  child is able to wear shoes and able to walk as her friends.”

You’ve made Sena’s dreams come true and put a smile on all of our kids’ faces. Thank you for offering dignity to disadvantaged children and for reaching across the world to show them that they are loved.

17 November 2015

Giving is as easy as sending a text!

Text ‘SHOE01 £5’ to 70070 to buy one pair of shoes

Text ‘SHOE01 £10’ to 70070 to buy two pairs of shoes

You can make your donation go further by snapping a photo of your shoes as you go about your day and sharing it on social media with a simple message such as “I just bought a pair of shoes for a rescued child by texting ‘SHOE01 £5’ to 70070 #standbymekids”

We love seeing you get creative while transforming the lives of our kids and giving them happy feet

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