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Susanne’s Kilimanjaro challenge

Susanne's taking on the ambitious Kilimanjaro challenge to raise funds for the girls in the House of Hope Romania

$4,969.50 raised of $3,650 target
30 supporters

I’m Susanne Evans, I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and have lived for the last 13 years in England. I’m a 40 year old Hairstylist, a very motivated volunteer at my local Foodbank and a mum to two teenage girls.

I want to raise money for Stand by Me because I am amazed by their work and would love to help some of the poorest children in the world. As a mum to two girls, I was very touched by the story of two girls in Romania who live now, thanks to Stand by Me, in the House of Hope and get love and education .

Stand by Me rescued four abandoned babies from a state institution in Romania, where the risk of abuse was extremely high. Today the House of Hope, Dobrun is caring for 10 girls in a purpose built home. The home allows the house parents to meet the individual needs of each girl, providing them with encouragement and the love they need to grow in confidence and feel valued. 

I became so inspired by their work that I’m taking the challenge to climb Kilimanjaro in October 2016 to raise as much money as possible for the House of Hope in Romania.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa at 5,895m and the highest free standing mountain, as well as the most prominent in the world. My challenge is to reach the top of Kilimanjaro following the Machame route. My trail will consist 7 full days on the mountain. As I’m a very motivated woman, my training for the challenge has already started.

Have you ever changed somebody’s life? Why not start now and donate!

Recent supporters

HQ customers gave £50
An Offline Donor gave £50
SBS gave £200
An Offline Donor gave £30
Good Luck. You know you can do it. Sandra xx
An anonymous donor gave £100
From the soropidist team !!
Scott, laura and elsie gave £40
Barbara Pickford gave £26
I eventually got round to donating! You've done a brilliant job of fundraising so far. All the best for the event!
Snowdon gave £864
thanks to everyone who came walking and donated
Nicky Wood gave £27
Fantastic charity - cause. Go Girl!
Offline Fundraising gave £162
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Project Updates

24 June 2016

A big thank you to everyone who took part in Susanne's Snowden walk. You raised an amazing £864!

Susanne has already surpassed her target and raised a fantastic amount of money to benefit children in Romania living in poverty.  

27 January 2016

Susanne leaped closer to meeting her target last Saturday with a fantastic band night fundraiser. 

The band 'BORDERLINE' entertained the captive audience and every had a great night. The music was amazing and helped to raise a super £385 towards Stand by Me's work in Romania. Susanne has her sights set firm on her Kilimanjaro challenge in October and hopes to reach her target very soon. 

Thank you for all your generous support!

13 November 2015

Susanne still has her sights set firmly on climbing Kilimanjaro next year. She’s finishing off 2015 with a flurry of fundraising activities including a popular international food night and celebrating her birthday with donations rather than presents, together raising £400! 

Thank you for all your generosity and sponsorship. You’re making a great difference for children in Romania!

24 June 2015

Susanne hosted a fantastic 80’s party that put the ‘fun’ into fundraising. Her guests slipped on their leg warmers and crimped their hair for the nostalgic evening. In total the 80’s night raised a great £755 pushing Susanne’s total closer to the £2,000 mark. Thank you for your support of Susanne and the children of Stand by Me.

20 May 2015

Susanne and her wonderful helpers have been working hard fundraising for her Kilimanjaro challenge. They recently spent a Saturday washing cars until they sparkled to raise funds. Thanks to everyone’s support Susanne has now raised an additional £261 to her fundraising. She still has lots more exciting fundraising events planed, so please continue to help her reach her target and make a difference to kids in Romania!

16 April 2015

Susanne kick-started her fundraising with a magnificent cake sale, raising an incredible £481! It’s not surprising so much money was raised as the variety of cakes look tasty and tempting. Thank you everyone for supporting Susanne, lets help reach her target.

Stand by... almost there...