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The PBs

Join us in providing beds, education meals and medical care for kids in Bekoji

$1,150 raised of $1,000 target
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The PB’s are off to Africa, again! Only this time we are going with the wonderful people of Stand By Me. Stand By Me are a charity that rescue children and then do whatever it takes to provide the love, care and attention they need to thrive. While we are out there we will be building beds for those who would otherwise would be sleeping on the floor. Also, we will be working with the children in Bethany School, a school set up and ran by Stand By Me. Some of these kids live on site due to various reasons such as being orphaned, abandoned or abused at home.

All of the work carried out by Stand By Me and it’s volunteers would not be possible without the generous donations of people wanting to make an incredible difference to children across the world. Your money will pay for the materials to build the beds, something we take very much for granted, it will pay for the education of the children at Bethany School in Ethiopia, meals while they are there, medical care. Let’s dig deep and give these children and their families the love and support they deserve.

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Linda Cassidy gave £50
Proud of you darlin 🙏❌
Sis gave £105
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Great effort, Steph & Tom, enjoy the trip!
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