Our Dream

At Stand by Me, our hope is for every child in our care to get an excellent education and pursue their dreams. With the support of loving sponsors, our kids are getting a quality education, but we know that having a good day of learning starts before arriving at school. Unfortunately many children don't have a bed to sleep on and often go to school tired, in tattered uniforms and with empty bellies. Through February on the Floor, you can help a child have a good night's sleep and have the best start to their day. Sign up to sleep on the floor for a weekend of your choice, receive your personalised fundraising page and get sponsored!

The Challenge

This February we are challenging you to sleep on the floor for a weekend or week of your choice. You can decide how difficult you want to make it. Will you sleep on the floor for a week, all the weekends in February or one big Friday night as a group or class? Will you sleep on carpet, under a blanket or in a sleeping bag? Every £281 raised from being sponsored can help children pursue their dreams, providing beds, uniforms, school bags and breakfasts so that they can have the best start to their school day! 

Who can do it?

The challenge is open to any age and any fitness and you can do it as an individual, a family or as part of a group whether from your school, church or company. You simply have to be prepared to have a weekend of uncomfortable sleep in order that a Stand by Me child can wake up and start their day with the energy and resources they need to learn. To confirm this challenge is right for you please visit our page here which is repeated in the fundraising guide which you will receive by email once you have signed up!

What do I need to do?

Signing up is very simple to do and we are here to support you through every step of your challenge.

  • Pick a week or weekend in February to sleep on the floor and sign up to the challenge. We'll set up your personalised online fundrasing page and send you an email with the information you need.
  • If you are doing it with children we will send you our family pack with postcards and activities to help the children learn about who they are helping.
  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.
  • Make sure you tell as many people as possible about your challenge before, during and after, whether on social media, by email or face to face. We'll even provide example social media posts to help you.

When you've completed your challenge we'll send you photos of the children and families who have benefited thanks to you taking on the challenge!

Every donation helps children pursue their dreams

To help encourage people to sponsor you, they will be able to see on your fundraising page how they can directly help children pursue their dreams:

£25 can give child a new uniform and school bag

£66 can provide a child with breakfast for an entire year 

£190 can provide a bed for a child who needs a good night's sleep

Uniform and school bags equip children with all they need to learn at school. Daily breakfasts ensure kids will have the energy to concentrate in their lessons. A comfy bed can help children have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to dream of a brighter future. 

You can help a child like Bosu!

10-year-old Bosu lives with her mother and three younger siblings. She attends the Stand by Me school where she receives a life-changing education. But every day after school she would return home to sleep on the floor of her mud house on a sack filled with leaves. 

When we provided a new bed for her family, Bosu’s mum Kuba expressed the significant change in their lives, "I started to dream again since we received the bed. It used to be a nightmare, and the lack of sleep was a constant challenge. It was an ache in my heart that I couldn't provide a bed and enough food for my children."

Now Bosu wakes up every morning rested and ready for a day at school. She proudly puts on her uniform and packs her school bag with books, pens and pencils. When she arrives at school, she receives a healthy breakfast to prepare her for a day of learning.

Get involved!

Sign up to get started or fundraise with a team!

Through getting involved with February on the Floor, you can help a child have a good night's sleep and have the best start to their day.
If you have questions, please email hi@standby.me or you can call us on 01708 442271.

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