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About international transaction fees

When a USA/Canada supporter sponsors a child, we process your Credit Card payments in US Dollars using Stripe, a payment processor based in the USA. However, because Stand by Me’s main office is in the UK, some banks add an international transaction fee to your account — usually of around 1-2%.

We don’t think this is fair, but it’s entirely at each bank’s discretion and we don’t receive any of the money.

If this happens, we’d like to pay the fees for you. Please email us at [email protected] when you receive your first bank statement after sponsoring.

The children in Romania are among the poorest kids in Europe, the majority are living in conditions that fall well below the poverty line. In rural areas most children come from illiterate families, unable to read or write and often live on one meagre meal a day. Our Denisa Day Care Centre is providing free education, daily food and family support to children of Dobrun.

If you don’t think you’d write to your child at least once per year, we’d love you to consider becoming a regular giver instead
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