Stand By Me is a global movement of people committed to rescuing kids in crisis.
Stand by Me is a movement of people committed to rescuing and caring for some of the world’s poorest children.

Through our children’s homes, schools and care centres, we aim to meet the individual needs of children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused are victims of war or disease or are living in extreme poverty. We aim to make lasting improvements to children’s lives, caring for them as Jesus would, by restoring their dignity and giving them a sense of self worth. We want every child entrusted to us to feel loved and to reach their full potential.

Core Values What Stand by Me is all about


We are known for the quality of our care for children. We believe children should have the opportunity to mature and develop to their full potential. We care for children by providing for their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs.


Following the example of Jesus we accept all children as equal regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs or social status.


We believe in the nurturing power of the family and we seek to strengthen existing families where possible. However, where this is not possible, we place orphaned or unprotected children in family-style homes.


We believe that education is essential in order for children to escape the cycle of poverty. We therefore build and run schools that provide a life changing education.


Our desire is for integrity to permeate all relationships we are involved in, between our children, staff, or supporters.


Through our sponsorship programme we encourage personal relationships between sponsors and the children in our care.


We aim to be a conduit of good-will, encouraging and empowering participants from all backgrounds to actively stand by children in crisis. We believe that supporters have the ability to make a lasting difference in children’s lives by investing their time, abilities, and resources.

Who we are

Stand by Me is more than a charity – it is a movement of like minded people, passionate about changing the lives of desperately needy kids worldwide. Stand By Me is about you, no matter where you live, your age, background, or skills, there is a way you can be involved in making a lasting difference.

Our Admin Team

Even though the needs are great and the challenges are vast, our small office team is ably supported by our committed friends and volunteers.

How we are funded

Stand by Me is largely funded by individual donations from our loyal and generous base of supporters.

Regular Sponsorship Donations

Regular sponsorship donations represent 45% of our income. We rely immensely on this source of income to run our homes, schools and care centres.


A reliable source of funding is generated through partnering with various groups such as churches, schools, businesses, clubs, community groups and trusts. Typically, a group is linked to a specific Stand by Me project of their choice, allowing them to have a direct impact on the children in that project.


Fundraising contributes significantly to our overall income as individuals and groups give their time and energy to compete in sponsored events or organise social events, which not only raise considerable funds, but also increases awareness.

Gift Aid

As a registered Charity, we are able to claim 25% extra from HM Revenue on all Gift Aided donations. We maximise this much valued source of income, as it goes a long way in funding our operational costs.

Service Teams

Stand by Me send numerous teams of volunteers to our children’s projects each year. Each team raises much needed funding and resources that are spent directly on the project, greatly impacting the lives of children.