Stand By Me
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Chepstow House School

Chepstow House School are bringing vital care to children at the Abdi Academy, Dembi Dollo

$1,101 raised
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Through our parents' and children's fundraising, Chepstow House School will continue to support the Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo this year by sponsoring children and raising vital funds to provide for children's physical and educational needs. 

Last year Chepstow House children were inspired to support Stand by Me and desperately needy kids in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia. Thanks to their passion and enthusiasm, a grand total of £42,956.43 was raised. In July, three Chepstow House teachers visited the work of Stand by Me and witnessed firsthand how the charity rescues kids from extreme poverty, providing them with a life-changing education and the love, care and attention they need to thrive.

The children living in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia, come from terrible backgrounds - the things you never want for your children, or anyone's children. They were born into one of the poorest communities, written off by society. But beyond their sadness we see their potential. We don't walk past them - we pick them up, and help them get on their feet. We stand by them. Through the Abdi Academy School, our child-centred approach to care tackles every obstacle our kids face, enabling them to access a life-changing education. The children receive two meals a day, clothing, shoes, school resources, healthcare and in some cases, family support. 

On this page you can donate to provide for the specific needs of the children in Dembi Dollo from uniforms and shoes to providing the salary for a nurse or teacher.   

Recent supporters

Chepstow Slime Sisters gave $70
Chepstow Slime Sisters gave $30
Fieldmice class gave $750
Kinder Gifts gave $201
Giuliana La Pera Da gave $50
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