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Colombia Flooding

Essential repairs after the devastating floods

$3,615 raised
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The Emmanuel Care Centre has been providing our children with an education, food and medical care despite the challenges of the pandemic. This past year, families have needed support more than ever to care for their children and so our staff have gone above and beyond to meet our children’s needs, show them love and empower them to reach their potential.

Recently, a storm hit Colombia causing terrible flooding. Floods hit our care centre and many of our children’s houses. Thankfully everyone is safe, but there was a great deal of damage to some of our children's homes. The water destroyed clothes, mattresses, fridges and more. At our care centre, the water reached 50cm, damaging furniture and essential items. 

How can you help?

Many of our children's families need to replace damaged items and some of their houses need repairing. Essential repairs are needed at the care centre to ensure this damage doesn’t cause further harm and to keep our children safe and healthy.

With your help, we will provide care and support to every family in need, restore our care centre and continue to show our kids they are loved. Thank you

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I hope my contacts in Columbia are safe .
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