Myanmar Emergency Food Appeal

Vital food aid for families during the unrest

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Since Myanmar's civil unrest has escalated and peace deteriorated, food has become unaffordable and Covid cases have rapidly increased. As a result, hundreds of families around us have lost loved ones and are now facing famine with no income and little food to get by.

Surrounded by such despair and hunger, our staff’s compassion and willingness to deliver much needed food aid for desperate families, despite the continued danger to their personal safety, has compelled us to provide food parcels as well as to help with people's medical needs in whatever way we can. 

Each food parcel containing beans, rice and oil costs £55 and will sustain a family of six for a month. At Stand by Me, we only ask for help when our children and their families are in danger and when we believe that with your support, we can intervene to save lives. We have already delivered hundreds of food parcels to families in urgent need and we will endeavour to help as many families as we can, for as long as we can. 

We would be grateful for any contribution you can make to help provide vital aid at this time. Thank you for standing with us as we bring hope and the love of Jesus to children and families facing difficult circumstances around the world.  

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