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Shreya's 2nd birthday Stand by Me collection

Instead of gifts, Shreya would appreciate donations for necessities in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia

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Dearest Friends & Family,

Shreya is very lucky to have a playroom full of toys and a wardrobe bursting with clothes. Instead of gifts for her birthday she would like to help children less fortunate than her and would appreciate a small donation to a charity close to our hearts ; Stand by Me. Stand by Me works with orphanages and schools around the world.

The charity is currently fundraising for necessities in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia for 360 children and this is where your money will go:

A text book costs £4 per child

A pair of shoes costs £10 per child

A toiletry pack and underwear costs £12 per girl per year

Thank you so much in advance!

Love, Shreya x x x

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An anonymous donor gave £65
NIRAJ SHAH gave £20
Kanta Rishi and Keyur gave £31
Hiren Shah gave £20
A wonderful thought and cause.
asha gave £20
Love Kyal, Iyla and Siyana xxx
Sudu Stefan M&M gave £40
Ahris & Raheis Chadha gave £50
Kajal gave £20
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Happy birthday. Love Rohan and Aran
Niku & Ketan gave £30
Happy Birthday
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