Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Famine, HIV/Aids and extreme poverty have resulted in millions of orphans and a life of hardship for the majority of its population. Nearly one million children are orphaned as a result of HIV/Aids. A lack of investment in education and a high dependency on child labour has left five million children without access to an education. Educational opportunities for girls are lower than boys as they are expected to do domestic work or marry at an early age.


We adopted the Bethany School where 220 students were crammed into two mud classrooms with no resources


We met orphaned and abandoned children who were living on the streets, so we established a loving family home with adoptive parents


New land was acquired for the Bethany School to build a school campus. Today the school offers 450 children a free education, meals and health care


We started a medical programme, to help kids and parents to receive treatment. Over 60 UK medical professionals have visited to enhance the health of our children


Established a HIV Food Programme providing children and carers with food supplies and counselling, giving them dignity and helping them to fight infection


We built a Children’s Village to provide a loving family environment for orphaned and abandoned children


The Abdi Academy opened for 240 children providing education, family support, medical care, and nutritious meals


We began giving small business grants to the carers of our poorest children to help them earn an income, become self-sufficient and not depend on child labour


Our first students at the Bethany School graduated and are on their way to university! We hope that many more children will follow in their footsteps


On the 1st of October our Bethany School opened the computer lab, funded and equipped by Financial Software Limited (FSL)


The first class of Grade 8 students at the Abdi Academy took their national exams. Every one of the 22 students passed their exam and progressed to High School. 

2020 - 2021

To provide vital food for families struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic, Stand by Me launched an appeal. The food parcels were a lifeline for families around the world. 

Uka was suffering from some serious health issues, as was her mother, so Uka was left in the care of her grandmother.

Selling wool at the market did not provide sufficient food for Uka and her grandma to survive so we chose to ‘stand by’ them with monthly food and medication. Our care made sure that Uka and her grandma could stay together as family. Uka is now healthy and attending the Bethany School, where she is receiving a good education and has grown from being a shy girl to being confident and cheeky.

Sena was born with a problem with one of her legs, so to care for Sena her father would carry her everywhere he went, even to work.

We gave Sena not just a quality education at our Abdi Academy but also nutritious meals, medical care and crutches which she soon learnt to speed around on. But we wanted more for Sena and after appointments with medical experts she had an operation and has been fitted with a prosthetic leg. Now her smile is wide as she gets to wear matching shoes on her feet, once just a dream. We love seeing her confidence grow and grow as she walks around school.

Grace was handed to us in a bundle of rags by a policewoman. But her name wasn’t Grace then, in fact, she didn’t have a name at all. 

At just three weeks old she had been abandoned by the roadside. No one wanted her and she was going to be put back where she was found.

But we couldn’t let that happen. So we adopted her and named her Grace. We gave her a comfortable home and a loving family in Jane’s Home at our Children’s Village and today Grace is chatty, funny and a little bit bossy. Grace is loved, cared for and is full of life.

Abdi lives with his parents. Both him and his mother have health conditions. 

Abdi’s father’s job as a shoe shiner pays so little that they can’t afford adequate food or to pay the rent for their small mud house.

Now a student at our school, Abdi and his family receive monthly packages of nutritious food to keep them healthy and we help them pay their rent so that the family can be secure together. To help them stand on their own feet, we’ve given Abdi’s mother a small business grant to sell vegetables, providing a steady income which will in time allow them to support themselves.

Meaza and her two elder sisters stayed with different relatives after their parents passed away, but sadly none of them were able to provide for all the children's needs.

Now a part of our children's home, they no longer need to worry about finding food or a place to stay. At our home they have food, warm beds and loving care. With new brothers and sisters and a second chance at a happy and stable childhood they get to attend our school for a great education. The three girls are growing in confidence and self-worth and Meaza is the comedian of the home and loves to sing and dance.

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