Even as a member of the European Union, Romania still suffers huge corruption and many families live in conditions that fall below the poverty line. A corrupt educational system has meant that a good education is unattainable for many children. Thousands of young adults are suffering the effects of growing up in desperately underfunded state orphanages, traumatised by the dirty conditions and undignified treatment.


Cami saw the horrendous neglect of children in state orphanages and wanted to act. We helped her bring home and care for 4 baby girls who brought joy to our family


The House of Hope was completed, allowing us to rescue and take care of another seven girls in need of a loving family


We purchased a building with the intention of providing tutoring, food, medical care and fun for disadvantaged children in the local community


The Denisa Day Care Centre building was extended and the community programme started. Since then, over 120 kids have benefitted from our care


Teams from the UK began visiting the children’s home and care centre, providing holiday clubs, teaching, fun games, medical care and dental checkups


Five of our girls at the House of Hope started High School and will graduate in 2016. Two of our girls are at a vocational school in the city


Children from the care centre graduated from High School with great results. Some have continued onto further education, others have acquired jobs


The first girls at our House of Hope graduated High School and started courses at University, we are incredibly proud of their achievements

Just like many of our girls at the House of Hope, Claudia had been living in a state orphanage, suffering from inadequate care and appalling conditions.

Cami took her into our home, giving her loving care as her mum. Claudia and her sisters are healthy and strong and have overcome the psychological trauma of their younger years. They have flourished into confident young women and we couldn’t be more proud. Claudia studies hard and hopes to go to university when she graduates high school and we’ll support her every step of the way.

After the death of his father, Emil went to live with his mother, step-father and three half-brothers. 

The six of them live in a house with no running water or inside bathroom and they live on a single wage. When Emil joined the Denisa Care Centre, he was quiet and withdrawn, likely due to some of the difficult experiences he had been through.

With the support of kind and loving staff, Emil has begun to grow in confidence and today he is a talkative boy who loves engaging in lively conversation with his friends. 

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