The unsettled region known as Indo Burma, in the North East of India, is troubled by tribal wars. There are hundreds of orphaned children whose parents have died through ethnic cleansing at the hands of insurgents. Children and their families suffer from little investment from authorities, resulting in almost no medical or educational provision. Girls face deep rooted social attitudes which place little value on women’s rights which often leads to violence, neglect and discrimination.


We adopted the Agape Children’s Home, caring for children who had been orphaned or abandoned as a result of insurgency and ethnic cleansing


We carried out building projects to improve facilities and the health of our children, including new toilets, a kitchen, bedrooms and study areas


To allow children to remain living with their families and gain an education, we began covering the costs to study at a school for local children in the community


We were happy to build a brand new children’s homes for girls, allowing us to take a further nine girls into the home


We were delighted when border restrictions were lifted, allowing our children to travel into Burma and our UK staff to meet them for the first time

Nemneichan was four years old when her father died. Without the support of a husband, her mother struggled to provide for Nemneichan and her seven siblings. 

With eight mouths to feed, the family sank further into poverty. Deprived of basic nutrition, healthcare and education, life was hard.

When we heard of their plight, we welcomed Nemneichan and her sister into our home. When she arrived she was malnourished and in desperate need of good food and healthcare. Today she is a healthy, happy and confident girl. She loves being tucked into her warm bed each night, knowing she is loved and is safe.

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