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Coronavirus response

Urgent appeal to provide vital food parcels for our children's families

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With little access to water, soap, sanitiser, having no purchasing power to buy enough food and being unable to self isolate in fear of losing their fragile employment and income, our children and their families are at risk.

As Coronavirus has spread, our schools around the world have closed for our children's protection. It is worth pausing our children’s education to protect their health but our children cannot afford to miss out on their lifeline of regular meals received at school. With their families too poor to provide adequate food at home, malnourishment and even starvation are a very real danger.

To ensure that no child goes hungry, in faith we are providing food parcels to every family in our care, starting with the most destitute and at risk. Each food parcel costs £40 and will provide a family with a month's supply of essential food and soap to keep a family nourished and healthy while enabling them to stay safe and remain isolated at home. 

So far in Colombia, Ethiopia and Romania we have provided food parcels for over 1000 families but there are many more families who need this lifeline.  

We would be so grateful for any contribution you can make towards a food parcel, bringing security and hope to a family for as long as is required. 

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