Engler receives a scholarship

Wednesday, 21 January 2015
Engler receives a scholarship

The Rehoboth Children’s Home in Guatemala is home to children rescued from severe poverty, malnutrition and, in some cases, terrible abuse and neglect. The children now have a loving home environment, nutritious meals and are taught essential life skills. They have a full and happy life and this Christmas was no exception, especially for Engler, a 15 year old boy at the home who received some good news.

When Engler arrived at the Rehoboth Children’s Home little was known about his background, he had been living at an orphanage that had been closed down. Later we found that Engler had been taken from his parents by social services because of extreme physical abuse. Having had such a hard start to life the Rehobooth Children’s Home were able to give him the crucial love and attention he needed. He quickly adapted well to his new family and loving house parents and developed into a caring intelligent boy.

Engler is now in ninth grade at school and he loves to learn and help with cooking and baking. In November he participated at school in a Science exhibition where students presented an experiment and explained the method, theory and results. Engler received a diploma because his presentation was the best in his class. All at the home were very proud of him.

Before Christmas he received the wonderful news that he had been granted a scholarship to attend one of the best English Schools in Antigua. This made Engler very happy because he loves studying English and enjoys improving every year. The opportunity to study at one of the best English schools was a wonderful Christmas present for Engler and gave the home extra happiness during the festivities which involved piñatas, sweets, traditional Guatemalan food and sharing with the local community. To sponsor a child like Engler visit the child sponsorship page.

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