Every child’s feet protected

Friday, 13 March 2020
Every child’s feet protected

Around the world, all of our children are taking on all that life has to offer, protected by a new pair of shoes. Thanks to our supporters generosity to our Shoe Appeal over Christmas, we were delighted to purchase a new pair of shoes for every one of our kids.

Your generosity has reached around the world, protecting our kids precious feet from Colombia, to Ethiopia to Myanmar. As they bound off to school, they are protected from the perils of infection and injury from the rough ground, free to walk in confidence.

We are so thankful for your care and love for our children. The pair of shoes is a daily reminder of God’s love to them and of your care for their lives.

Our kids are so grateful and their words of thanks to everyone who kindly donated to the Shoe Appeal are below, showing just how much new shoes mean to them:

When I saw the gifts of the shoes I was very happy because I did not have shoes and now I can use them to travel and also to go to school. I thank my sponsors for the gift, I liked it very much, it is very nice.”

Duban, age 7, Colombia.

I am so excited to get shoes at this Christmas season. I was using my old shoes and my mum can’t afford new shoes for me, so getting shoes means a lot for me. I can’t wait to wear my new shoes.”

Hawani, age 10, Ethiopia

 “Thank you very much for Stand by Me.  In our village, we find no such shoes. I feel like Christmas is a lot more meaningful and profound because I got to have these shoes as Christmas gifts. But God used our sponsor to buy for us and that we love and I will always be thankful.”

From Ngah Ma Na, age 14, Myanmar

Duban, Hawani and Ngah Ma Na’s words express their excitement and joy at their shoes. But they are not alone in their gratitude; there are thousands more kids around the world smiling just like them thanks to you.

Together, we’ve been able to restore children’s dignity, improve their health and show them the love of Jesus and bring comfort for their growing feet.

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