Jemma's trip to our Nepal Hostel

Nepal Friday, 05 September 2014
Jemma's trip to our Nepal Hostel

“On arriving in Nepal I felt like I was in another world, it was such a contrast from the UK but I loved it! It took a while to get used to the intense heat and the many mosquitoes; the children told me the mosquitoes just loved me and that is why they were ‘kissing’ me so much. The hostel is a truly incredible place and I immediately felt at home and part of the ‘family’.

I was working alongside the sponsorship coordinator, and with over 200 very precious sponsored children within the hostel, it is not a small task! Seeing the children’s’ faces when they receive their letters and gifts from their sponsors was easily my favourite part of this job. A letter sent from you, which seems like a small gesture, means the world to the children who receive them, their faces light up and you can see that they are so thankful that someone cares and loves them enough to take time to write to them.

The children were always talking about their sponsors and things they knew about them from letters. They truly love you and hold you as an incredible special person in their lives, they value your help so much. I would encourage you if it has been a while since you have written to your child, take time to do so, as I know for the children who don’t receive letters it would make such a difference to their lives knowing that someone cares about them and the children can grow so much in confidence just by experiencing a little earthly love from a sponsor.

Even though I was working mostly in the sponsorship side of the home it didn’t stop me from having plenty of playtime and I even managed to learn all of the names of the children! I loved every second I was able to spend with them and getting to know each of their unique and hilarious personalities was such a privilege to me.

Each of the children from the youngest little monkeys through to the eldest impacted and affected my life. They are so inspirational and have changed my outlook on life completely and God has taught me so much from my time with them. I guess it proves that no matter who we are or what age we are God can use us in incredible ways to encourage others and be a light in this world.” Read how you can bring the joy of sponsorship to a child here.

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