Jumping through hoops raises money for children

Myanmar Friday, 22 June 2012
Jumping through hoops raises money for children

Pupils at Immanuel School in Romford, Essex, took a hop, skip and a jump this week as they tackled a varied obstacle course, in order to raise money for transportation for the Stand by Me children in Burma. The Immanuel pupils are focusing on the theme of transport this academic term and a motor Rickshaw proved just the right project for them to raise money for, to help the children at our Mephibosheth Home, while keeping in with their transportation theme.

To make the course a little more difficult the pupils were each asked to carry a teddy bear while running the obstacle course, making the challenge of running in and out of cones, over hurdles and through hoops even greater. The blazing sunshine meant the pupils were advised to stop for drinks along the way and as they reached the end of the event there were many red faces but plenty of smiles as they anticipated collecting in their sponsorship money.

The children in our Mephibosheth Home in Burma will be thrilled to know they are a step closer to receiving a motor Rickshaw. The vehicle will allow them to have a much easier journey to school and back and will also offer the older children further opportunities as they can use the vehicle for work purposes.

Immanuel School pupils are long term supporters of Stand by Me and this is just one of the many ways they have raised money for the children in our care. If you are interested in becoming involved as a school, or fundraising in any other way, please give us a call today on 0845 604 5543 or email hi@standby.me

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