Meet Aung

Myanmar Thursday, 13 July 2017

Aung Htway Lay is the youngest in his family with two elder sisters and one brother. He lives in Tamu, in northern Burma, not far from the Indian border. Tamu’s location makes it a hotspot for drug trafficking and illegal trade.

The family of six were affectionate but exceedingly poor, struggling to make ends meet. Aung’s father, in desperation to provide for his children, trafficked drugs to India but was caught at the border and sentenced to seven years in prison.

When it seemed like things couldn’t get much worse, Aung’s mother passed away from TB. At just five years old, Aung was living in extreme poverty, his eldest sister struggling to care for him, with little hope of escape.

Thankfully Aung’s future is now much brighter as a student at our Sophia Academy. With medical care and a great education he can learn the knowledge and skills needed to better his future. 

At the Sophia Academy, Aung enjoys playing football and drawing. We provide him with regular meals and resources. Aung loves school and even though he keeps losing his pens and ruler, we love having him as one of our kids!

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