Reaching the people of Nepal with urgent relief

Nepal Thursday, 07 May 2015

Thank you for standing by the people in Nepal through the Stand by Me Earthquake Appeal. Your generosity has already helped bring vital relief to families in desperate need.

Our staff on the ground have been working tirelessly to take relief to the remote area where many of our children come from. 90% of homes in the area were destroyed leaving hundreds without shelter or food. After a tough journey our staff arrived there and made sure the essential relief reached the most at risk families in the community. Giving them tarpaulin for a tent and food supplies including rice, lentils, oil and salt to keep them sheltered, nourished and give them hope that they are not forgotten.

As Nepal quietly slips out of the media’s gaze we won’t forget or abandon them and with your help we can offer them hope. The response has been exceptionally generous however, the need is greater than we first thought and we now hope to raise £100,000, every penny donated will reach the people who need it most.

So, what’s next?

Additional relief supplies are being purchased to support 250 families, while we assess the needs of other communities. Our aim is to provide families with building materials, tools, livestock, water containers and pots and pans so that they can rebuild their homes and lives. Today nurses are travelling to the area to provide medical help to isolated communities. Please visit the Nepal Earthquake Appeal to read more.

Stand by... almost there...