The holidays at our Nepal hostel

Nepal Thursday, 23 April 2015
The holidays at our Nepal hostel

Anjali is a feisty eight year old girl with a great attitude for trying anything and working hard at it. She is amazingly co-ordinate and has the achievement of being the only child at the our home who could pedal a bike without any instruction when riding a bike for the first time – she just sat on it and away she went!

Anjali was abandoned by both of her parents. Her father could not afford to care for Anjali on his measly income as a rickshaw driver so when Anjali was just five years old, her father and mother left her. Anjali hasn’t seen either of them since. Completely abandoned, she was brought to the our hostel by a neighbour.

At the home Anjali enjoys regular nutritious meals, a warm bed, a quality education and lots of playtime with her Stand by Me siblings. Most of the children at the hostel have extended family to visit for a short time in the holidays, but with no relatives willing to care for her Anjali is one of 20 children who stay at the hostel during the holidays.

Culturally it would be perfectly acceptable to leave children to amuse themselves fairly unsupervised when they are not at school. However at the hostel, we strive to provide quality care, therefore the resources for children who stay during the holidays is always improving. This year the addition of new games and puzzles will keep Anjali and her friends occupied and the bikes that Anjali has a talent for will be available for cycling around the playground.

In addition to her talent for cycling, Anjali is also an incredibly kind teacher to the younger girls, patiently helping them to learn to pedal. In fact, despite being abandoned and not having any family apart from Stand by Me, Anjali is a sweet and considerate girl. She spends hours helping visiting teams carefully and accurately paint walls and enjoys helping visiting health professionals complete medical checks, even pretending to be a nurse. We love Anjali’s unique personality, why not read more about the hostel where Anjali lives on our Nepal page.

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