Time to start building in Shan

Myanmar Thursday, 02 July 2015
Time to start building in Shan

It’s time to start building a new home for these kids!

Shan State is troubled by conflict, poverty and the trafficking of children. Many orphaned and abandoned kids needed love, dignity and a family. So we cared for them in our Mercy Home. But the accommodation the Stand by Me family live in is rented and landlords raise the rent and threaten to evict our children. Because the home is full, we have to transfer needy children from Shan State to our homes in Yangon over 800 miles away where they have to adapt to local customs and learn a different language.

We want to give our children the best care we can. So decide to build a Shan State Children’s Village.

This May, after many prayers and multiple challenges, David Mang Sum, our director in southern Burma sent us wonderful news that we were able to purchase a plot of land in Shan where we will build the children’s village. The day after the land was purchased David Mang Sum and a group of our children gathered in the fields and held a dedication service for the land.

The next step will be to start building. A new home will improve facilities and the quality of care so that our kids can grow up with dignity, living with their friends and enjoying their own culture and language.

Join us in making everyday life easier for our children by donating through our Shan Shate Children’s Village page.

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